In a deadly conflict of interest, MHRA directors Ian Hudson and Gerald Heddell are from Glaxo Smith Kline, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company.

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency or MHRA protects the monopolies of the billion dollar pharmaceuticals (who charge, eg. £40,000 for a round of chemotherapy poison), and ruthlessly close down inexpensive, effective treatments wherever it can. Ten public bodies state they are corrupt (see below). The MHRA kills around 200,000 British people a year, and 12,000 have signed the above petition to close them down.

Their crime is a £9 Billion drug fraud; conspiring to defraud the NHS and the British government of £9 Billion, while concealing inexpensive treatments that work, causing 200,000 deaths as a result, the worst kind of fraud.

Its murder for profit. To kill without conscience or remorse requires a psychopathic mentality. Which MHRA board directors are psychopaths?

MHRA3254editDemonstration outside the MHRA’s offices, Victoria, London, 5th July 2016

MHRA Board Hijacked
The MHRA has been hijacked; its board has been infiltrated and is controlled by Big Pharma. This corrupt board has no right to be in charge. They abuse their positions to make the MHRA do the exact opposite of what it was intended for, which was to protect the British from Big Pharma.

Paul Flynn MP, Newport: What credibility does the MHRA have?
Recent events have proven that it is not a watchdog; it is a pussycat that purrs in front of the pharmaceutical industry and does what it is told. It has an incestuous relationship with the big pharmas and has a close association with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. It has a disgraceful recent record. We can look with gratitude to the work not of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in protecting the public, but to people such as Sarah Boseley of The Guardian for her exposé of the organisation, to the television programme “Panorama” and to Richard Brook of Mind, who courageously resigned from the MHRA in disgust at its activities.

It is a matter of enormous importance that, in recent history, the regulator is not protecting the 25,000 people who suffered heart attacks and the 7,000 who died from taking a painkilling drug for arthritics that was withdrawn by Merck Sharpe and Dohme in September, after being promoted by the regulator.

100,000 women in permanent agony after MHRA approved mesh implants
After giving birth many women “leak” or people get hernias. The MHRA approves a surgical mesh implant. Flesh grows through it, and it becomes permanent.  The vaginal mesh cuts into the person, many become unable to walk, confined to bed or become suicidal. 570,000 have had the operation since 2011. Doctors say the failure rate is 12 to 30%.  Many women can’t have sex because the mesh cuts into the man.

The MHRA told the BBC it had “not had any evidence which would lead us to alter our stance on surgical mesh for hernia repairs.” Victoria Derbyshire’s program, which uncovered the MHRA mesh disaster, is now being closed down. If you get offered a surgical mesh implant, flatly refuse it.

The MHRA, the UK Drug Safety Agency, Falsified Vaccine Safety Data – Millions of Children At Serious Risk
Glaxo Smith Kline’s (GSK) Cervarix HPV vaccines for cervical cancer: The MHRA systematically tampered with 6000 reports of adverse reactions to declare the vaccine safe…………The MHRA’s Director Gerald Heddell and CEO Ian Hudson are both ex GSK.


House of Commons Health  Select Committee Report of 2005
“In view of the failings of the MHRA, we recommend a fundamental review.”

MHRA: Regulators’ trail of deception has been exposed
Andrew Miller, the chairman of a parliamentary select committee, has said that a “trail of deception” has been exposed in the system.

MHRA under fire amid calls for shake-up of regulatory system:
The scandal of device regulation in the UK

Horton said: “The MHRA’s mission is ‘to enhance and safeguard the health of the public by ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe’. The MHRA is, by its own admission, unable to fulfil this mission.

MHRA, The Seroxat killer: Parmjit Dhanda, MP, Gloucester
is asking the Government why they allowed Dr Ian Hudson, the MHRA CEO,  to take part in the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA)’s review of Seroxat, an antidepressant. As well as working as worldwide safety director for GSK – the manufacturers of Seroxat (Paxil, Paroxetine)– from 1999 until 2001, Dr Hudson acted as witness for the defence in a trial in which Seroxat was accused of triggering a man’s violent and suicidal behaviour.

MHRA conceals Seroxat causes suicide
“The MHRA had information in its possession for more than a decade that high doses of the anti-depressant Seroxat (Paroxetine) can lead to aggression and thoughts of suicide. But instead of revealing the truth to the 17,000 people taking high doses and the other half-million Britons on a safer dose, the MHRA sat on its findings. Astonishingly, I was actually threatened with legal action by Professor Kent Woods, chief executive of the MHRA, if I revealed this.”

MHRA shreds all its data: Doctor Ben Goldacre, in his book Bad Pharma – Page 80.
The MHRA had shredded all its data on the SSRI antidepressants Fluoxetine and Paroxetine (which cause depression and suicide) even though they had seen many scandals with hidden data. Paroxetine was the largest investigation the MHRA had ever conducted; after 4 years criminal charges were considered against its manufacturer, GSK. But MHRA directors Ian Hudson and Gerald Heddell are both from GSK; the criminal charges never happened.

The MHRA is GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis Pasteur, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme
A Sunday Express investigation found that nearly a third of the 181 experts who sit on the Medicines Control Agency (MCA, now the MHRA) committees are linked to Glaxo Smith Kline, Aventis Pasteur or Merck, Sharpe and Dohme……The MCA has continued to endorse the triple measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) jab despite concerns linking it to autism and stomach disorders. But the extent of the MCA members’ financial ties to MMR manufacturers raises questions about potential conflicts of interest.
http://www.whale.to/m/mca3.htmlSunday Express

Licensed drugs are the number 4 killer of mankind
The MHRA’s big brother, the USA’s FDA, admits drugs, ie those the FDA and MHRA license, kill scores of thousands. That’s what happens when the regulator is controlled by the drug companies. The MHRA conceal this.

The MHRA is infltrated by Big Pharma
“By infiltration the pharmaceutical companies have take over completely the regulation of pharmaceutical medicines in the UK. The most powerful of the groups involved is the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, (MHRA), like the CDC, the agency responsible for licensing.” Martin Walker, author, Dirty Medicine.

The MHRA is criticised for failing to adequately regulate implants
with grim consequences for some patients. While the board contains retired senior executives from AstraZeneca and Merck Sharp & Dohme, it includes no one from a patient group, or any other body representing people whose health could be damaged by its decisions.

The web of unelected bodies functions as a kind of shadow government, drafting and enforcing policies, disbursing money, regulating – or failing to regulate – business, quietly, unobtrusively, without effective public scrutiny or restraint. When it is unbalanced, crawling with conflicts of interest, it makes a nonsense of democracy.

Even the courts know the MHRA is corrupt
The MHRA has never successfully prosecuted a company since it was established nearly 10 years ago.   (It seems judges won’t accept evidence from so corrupt a source.)
http://www.theguardian.com/business/2012/jul/08/pharma-misbehaviour-gsk-fine     -see last paragraph.

The BBC’s Panorama programme is equally damning:

BBC Panorama – The Great Implant Scandal | 26th November


Parliamentary Early day motion 1197; 14th March 2013
That this House calls for reform of the weak Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) that is funded by the pharmaceutical industry and repeatedly fails the public interest; is appalled that the 20,000 victims of birth defects arising from the use of sodium valproate (Epilim) have been denied legal aid while American parents have already received compensation; recalls that there were 2,000 victims of Thalidomide in the UK and only 20 in the US; congratulates the US regulator, the Food and Drug Administration that revealed that 60,000 deaths had resulted from the use of the anti-arthritis drug Vioxx while no alarm was registered here because of the MHRA’s defective system of reporting drug side-effects; commends the US’ massive fine on Glaxo Smith Kline of $3.5 billion for suppressing negative results of drug trials while no action has been taken here for identical misdemeanours; and believes that the UK should be protected by a fully independent regulatory authority liberated from financial dependence on the pharmaceutical industry.

This was signed by 15 MP’s including Jeremy Corbyn. If they had carried the motion though, countless thousands of lives would have been saved.


Prince Charles personally wrote at least seven letters to the MHRA, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency shortly before they relaxed the rules governing labelling of such herbal products, it was reported that Charles had personally lobbied the Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, regarding greater provision of alternative treatments in the NHS.[146] In 2016, Charles said in a speech that he used homeopathic veterinary medicines to reduce antibiotic use at his farm.

Cancer Survival Rates in Britain are worst of Western Europe
The Daily Telegraph on the 26.09.15 effectively proved what a disaster the MHRA is for the UK. The European Journal of Cancer did a study on 20 million EU patients.

Jeremy Hunt is the Minister of Health ultimately in charge of the MHRA. He allows Big Pharma to control all his health departments, not just the MHRA. That’s far worse than just slovenly or incompetent. He’s responsible for 200,000 unnecessary deaths every year. He should resign.

His contact details are:

Jeremy Hunt,
Department of Health,
Richmond House,
79 Whitehall,
London, SW1A 2NS

Tel: 020 7210 4850
Email: [email protected]

http://data.gov.uk/organogram/department-of-health gives us:
Dame Una O’Brien, Permanent Secretary 020 7210 4850
Tamara Finkelstein, COO 020 7210 4850
Marion Furr Director, Ministerial Business and Parliamentary accountability. 020 7210 4850

MHRA Head office
151 Buckingham Palace Road

MHRA telephone 020 3080 6000 Fax: 0203 118 9803 [email protected]

MHRA Press office 020 3080 7651 Out of hours: 07770 446 189 [email protected]

Murders by the Pharmaceutical corporations; see: www.pharmamurders.com





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  1. The corrupts of England and France NHS and Social Security must be so rich with all the bribes from BigPharma !….
    What can we effectively do to get rude of them ?

  2. I have been to many of David Noakes and Lynda Thyer court appearances to support them both at the Royal Court of (In)Justice, Southwark Crown Court and Westminster Magistrates Court. Sitting in the Public Gallery, with many of their supporters, I have been witness to the lies and corruption of the judiciary and the persecution of David Noakes and Lynda Thyer and their natural human protein treatment for cancer treatment GcMAF.

    When a person is ill or unwell it is not because a person is deficient of BIG PHARMAS toxic drugs. Ill health is usually caused by deficiencies in a persons diet. Big Pharma does not want you to know this, so BIG PHARMA gets our GPs and our Health Service to effectively drug deal in their toxic drugs, in the naive belief that you have been prescribed a miracle treatment and cure, when the opposite is the truth.

    The masses have been conditioned into believing that BIG PHARMAS toxic drugs come with “side effects”. Here is the reality there are no side effects with BIG PHARMAS toxic drugs, THEY ARE THE EFFECTS ! Now do you see the deceit ?

    Remember this! Your food is your medicine and your medicine is you food. It is your food that keeps you healthy. Not the processed stuff churned out by factories. Remove the veil and you will begin to see that you are being deceived. Switch off that box in the corner of your living room, as it is not your friend. Start to question everything that you believed or told was true.

    • Definitely agree and support the new way. I grow my own herb (SacredPlant) and use it in self-treatment and prevention. The tv is out of my life since 1984. There are millions of people doing the same as me and perhaps learning how to avoid negative programming and destruction of self. The sad destiny and misery of those dedicated people who actively engage in helping others, is made to happen by inmoral entities living among us since eons. We are changing with the planet and universe, dimensions and realms. Can humans handle the hidden truths?

  3. my wifes had breast cancer and my mother died from it,what is the government doing standing in the way of gc maf cures,the mhra is a corrupt organisation that needs outing for the sake of humanity.

      • No chance of that. Our courts are organised crime syndicates, headed up by freemasons and satanists. Mussolini defined a dictatorship as “The courts (and CPS) siding with big corporations and the government to defraud the people.” That’s what we have here.

  4. Its totally outragious and immoral to insert implants into people without full 10 year clinical trials and ongoing tests on humans not animals before you can be prepared to use them medically. This is more about making money and worrying about the health risks later

  5. Is the action of those involved in this systematic torture and damage not actually a crime against humanity?
    Should it not be the moral duty to ensure that those people are personally held to account?
    Should we not be ensuring that we develop structures in our society which both allow and encourage ethical
    standpoints to triumph over greed and corruption?
    Throw off your chains!

  6. Themis; the Greek goddess, in the form of “Justice” at the old Baily, no longer represents British Justice!

    She is blind to the suffering of people, her scales are unbalanced, and the snake Of corruption has poisoned her, with her sword being used against those innocent of the law.

    The courts are being used to dispense law, in favor of the corporate bodies that formed them, NOT JUSTICE for the people. The corrupt MHRA is prosecuting Lynda Thyer, a biomedical scientist of Immuno Biotech, for producing GcMAF a natural substance created by the body to fight disease, which was proving very effective against CANCER.

    Lynda has been extradited to France, to one of Europe’s worst jails, where considering her current state of health, brought on by the judicial action; she may not survive the 2 years wait for trial. Her manager, and the owner of Imuno Biotech has also been prosecuted, imprisoned, and had all assets confiscated.

    The result of this is that many CANCER sufferer’s who could have been treated, along with those that were being treated; will DIE. Such is the power of the pharmaceutical industry, in collusion with the MHRA, and the Courts ( of INJUSTICE).

  7. The MHRA are totally corrupt and due to the totally naivety of the general people, this disgusting organisation is still allowed to operate. As Goldman Sachs said in a statement. Curing people is an unsustainable business model. Fortunately the game is up for such contrived and highly immoral so say watch dogs like the MHRA.

  8. I have had comments about the MHRA on my old herbalist website for many years. Despite shutting that, I still have those files if anyone wants them and will be happy to email them. Contact is: [email protected]

    Some of us campaigned against their unjustified attempts to eliminate herbal medicine years ago. I am convinced that a judicial review would should up all kinds of underhand tactics but funding that is beyond most peoples pockets. The whole setup is simply a mechanism to allow overpaid University professors and senior civil servants pots of money. No wonder they wanted us to remain in the EU. There are a couple of files on my existing none commercial website that readers may find of interest about the EU and its committees.

  9. Well well well , 30 billion in money against how many life lost ?!!! Does it really matter how many. The point is : do you think that people have an option about health or lifestyle , when it comes to money being made , by corruption or governments , if by any means ! The world is martialled and run by extreme right wing politics wherever you live on planet Earth ! The people really need a wake up call to take the real action they need to and it is long over due , about time too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peuples ! Réveillez-vous, réveillons-nous, le jour est venu à l’ombre de laisser la place à la lumière 💖💖💖💖🙏

  10. My life and health have been destroyed by prescription drugs, starting in 1966, when my GP put me on Mandrax sleeping tablets and Stelazine pills, I was only fourteen, didnt know anything about drugs, and just thought of them as medicine.I became dependant on the Mandrax, apart from not being able to get off them, I had an eeg which named them as causing psychomotor epilepsy.I was sent to see a psychiatrist to get off them, he began to pile on many other psychiatric drugs, which changed my thinking and behaviour, I beleive they caused me to become suicidal, and l have taken at least eighty overdoses over forty years, plus very violent suicide attempts and other violence.I think the worst were the antipsychotics and antidepressants, which are in fact a scam.I have only recently woken up and got off most of them, which is a nightmare process in itself.I am left with many health problems, including tardive dyskenisia, and my quality of life is almost non existent.My husband and children went through hell as a result of my drug induced actions, no amount of money would ever compensate them or me for what we have been through.I want to warn people not to take these poisons, but society has to change and they have to realise that not every problem can be solved by taking a pill, we have been so brainwashed to think this, remember that song that states, everything you think ,do, and say, is in the pill you took today.

  11. David Noakes and his team, were providing a valuable product, and service, for those battling cancer, and who had been abandoned by the “Health Service”. The actions of the MHRA are totally immoral in attacking, and closing down this facility, and destroying the only source of GcMAF, which was demonstrably effective as a cancer treatment.

    Immno Biotech was no fly by night company set up to con vulnerable people, but an organization providing a compound GcMAF, natural to the human body, as part of it’s immune system to fight off disease. Many patients had benefited from this treatment, and further research was being done, and scientifically reviewed papers published. The manufacturing process was rigorous with 22 stages of purification, and no reported contamination. Action taken by MHRA was unjustified, punitive, and extremely heavy handed, leaving staff terrified, and stressed, resulting in deterioration of their health.

    The MHRA should be shut down, its activities investigated, and prosecutions brought if it is shown they acted against the public interest. Immno Biotech should be revived, and allowed to carry on with their work, which will benefit those who are ill from cancer. This is vital as populations are being increasingly exposed to carcinogens, the latest being 5G mobile networks, and Smart meters.

  12. Well, yet again I find out how we are managed by the corrupt, incompetent, and greedy.
    How much longer will this go on?
    British politicians are an utter disgrace.
    Surely there must be a mechanism for a Class action against the MHRA and UK government

    • The best class action is to do your own research into what natural products out there like Fruitflow which has been
      scientifically proven by the European food safety agency to improve your blood flow and general health relative to blood pressure and heart attacks and strokes as like a racing car if you do not keep your engine oil clear of clots the engine will shut down and all of us as we get older our sticky blood clots start to stick together and we all end up with the problems of poor blood flow caused by blood clots.
      So, why do our doctors not acknowledge this natural health product based on the benefits of tomatoes and researched producing an EFSA 13.5 confirmed Fruitflow product now on sale at Holland and Barrett stores but not mentioned by our doctors.

  13. In approving dangerous expensive medicines to be used in the NHS; the MHRA is clearly in gross neglect of it’s duty. Prosecuting David Noakes for selling a product with demonstrable efficacy in treating cancer, just because it could not be licensed, shows their psychopathic determination to preserve their pharma logical territory.

    Reports on Google paint David Noakes as making millions out of “extremely vulnerable people”, for personal gain, money laundering, and spending nearly £1 Million of the £7.9 million profit on planes. Where do they get these people from, and who checks their reports are factual, and not distorted?

    With Lyn Thyer his biochemist, who developed an extremely effective product, faced with extradition to France; facing more than 2 years in the worst jail in Europe, which she may not survive, as her health is already seriously impaired, and trial by the notorious Judge Gadaud : they both have been, and are going through this ordeal, for believing they could help those that are ill.

    They need desperately need, and deserve, our help and support!!

    • After killing 83,000 with Avandia, the CEO of Glaxo Smith Kline gets £7 million a year, all for herself. Immuno Biotech got £7 million over 6 years, out of which we had to pay 27 staff including 4 scientists and 7 doctors for six years, our laboratory every year, our linics, our office, and our distribution. Glaxo Smith Kline takes £30 Billion evey year. We were 100 times more successful at curing people of disease than thay are. GcMAF has never caused a death: it has almost no side effects.

  14. These psychopathic monsters need to be brought down we must all spread the word and get every one to participate in what ever way they can..there has to be away my goodness there are 98% of us and 2% of them ..yet they are running every aspect of our lives through power created by fear and just general control over out thinking minds that we need them .. if we keep our immune systems healthy by going back to the old ways of eating living and drinking our own distilled purified water making sure we get all out vitamins trace mineral and good organic food grown in good earth from the forest is good if you can put in your soil ..and the main thing is to GET THIS OUT THERE and make people aware of what been going on and to wake up to the poisonous drugs (althoe not saying all drugs are bad ) starting from birth with the inoculation s that basically set us up for being a life customer to big pharma and causing horiffic side effects in so many cases that are also covered up .. again living in fear when the most incredible and powerful prottection is a healthy immune system …

  15. The MHRA like all the present ” watchdogs” , do not protect the public but are GUARD DOGS for corporate interest. As we can see many licensed drugs have deleterious effects, are addictive, and have vastly inflated prices: these are allowed by the MHRA.
    GcMAF which is a NATURAL substance, and therefore should not require drug approval: is prohibited. My view is that supplementing the body’s supply of this, when it is beneficial to regaining health; compares with blood, bone marrow, or infusions of glucose, saline, or intravenous iron. They are all used in cases of deficiency to aid the bodies natural healing.
    How many cancer patients would be alive today if this was available?

    See this:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mass-Murdering-Doctors-Oncologists-Chemotherapy/dp/152204504X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

  16. It’s about time corrupt be kicked out of the health industry equation among other industries as well. It’s time for truth and integrity by eliminating interference in buying off politicians and destruction of lives of those who really care. Make it against the law for anyone with personal interests in the pharma industry to be allowed to participate in decision making boards or to be allowed to pour money into political machines to buy votes. I lost several family members to the effects of drugs that keep being pushed on society learning more now about the criminal intent behind the industry that created/creates them. Imagine what good pharm could do to help the world if they used their energy towards helping others instead of hurting them…but then again, those who are in a money hungry frame fo mind do not appear to want others to fully heal. What adds salt to the wound are actions being taken against those who really have solutions either by eliminating them or destroying their lives in some way. This also diminishes freedom of personal choice. ENOUGH!!!!!

  17. The MHRA is a Vatican/Rothschild Cestui Que Vie Trust CORPORATION just like the UN, EU, Countries, Governments, Political Parties, Councils, Courts, Health Boards, Doctors Surgeries, Police etc all listed on Dun & Bradstreet and being traded on the Stock Exchange for PROFIT and are all part of their corrupt Banking System. ALL Corporations were Foreclosed (SHUT DOWN) by Lawyers/Bankers of the One Peoples Public Trust (who worked within that system) in 2012/13 and all of the totally FAKE debt was written off only the corrupt politicians are not telling the people any of this. These CORPORATIONS no longer exist and that includes the Government, Courts and MHRA and every single man and woman still working for them are now presonally responsible for their own actions without a corporate safety net under Common Law as their FAKE Admiralty Law and all Statutes, Rules and Regulations have also been Foreclosed as well. UCC – the Uniform Commercial Code is what the Governments and Courts are operating under and the OPPT used a series of UCC Filings to Foreclose all of the Corporations etc and David and others need to use these against the people in the MHRA and French Courts etc to let them know about these Foreclosures and the FACT that they do NOT have any power or jurisdiction over any man or woman any more (they NEVER had) and that they have to PROVE they have by rebutting these OPPT UCC Filings and they also have to PROVE that you have caused harm or loss to them or anyone else and if they cannot rebut or prove any of this then you have a claim for damages against every single man and woman involved. You need to fight this yourself as no lawyer etc will do it for you not that you want them to anyway as they are part of the corrupt system. I am using these UCC Filings in my ATOS Appeal that is now up in the Supreme Court Court of Session in Edinburgh. Here is a link to the UCC Filings and the documents numbered 2, 69 and 71 explain what these are all about. The document numbered 69 exposes that these elites have lost their power and that there is a Universal Cleanup going on to remove all of those knowingly and willingly operating the Deep State Government that really runs everything and all of their lackeys in government etc – Q/Q-Anon (US Military Intelligence) and the US Military and Trump is part of this and the document numbered 75 is an example of a Factualised Trust that replaces the Vatican/Rothschild Cestui Que Vie Trust that very single man, woman and child on this planet has worth $10 BILLION at least. Like I said they would have to rebut these documents and prove their power and jurisdiction over you before they can do anything else with regard to your case and they cannot and that is why the Pope resigned in 2102 because their SCAM System had been collapsed and replaced with the OPPT one : https://archive.org/details/OPPTUCCFILINGS/page/n1

  18. This agency should be fully and openly investigated and disbanded, due to clear conflicts of interest alone and then prosecuted where wrongdoing has occurred – and it looks like there’s been plenty of evidence of that.

  19. From the Wikipedia MHRA entry. This agency should be disbanded. They are corrupt and inept.

    MHRA has been criticised by the House of Commons Health Committee for, among other things, lacking transparency, and for inadequately checking drug licensing data.

    MHRA (and US Food and Drug Administration) have been criticised in the book Bad Pharma, and by David Healy in evidence to the House of Commons Health Committee,[8] for having undergone regulatory capture; advancing the interests of the drug companies rather than the interests of the public.

    Donald Light at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study summarised as such:

    …the industry has shaped the rules of the regulators, funded their operations, and lobbied them constantly in a classic pattern of regulatory capture….

  20. The inherent deceit and utter corruption of the pharmaceutical industry in the shameful pursuit of profit at the expense of the people of this world is not only inexcusable but immoral. These drugs corporation knowingly kill for profit, kill to suppress natural and inexpensive real cures for all of the diseases currently affecting mankind. Worse than that they connive and influence governments into accepted their despicable behaviour. The MHRA is a prime example of the way they insert their own people into positions of power and influence. Killing people with their noxious chemicals is bad enough but when you consider their plan is to create further disease caused by their drugs to continue and extend the money gravy train that they ride far into the future. The reality is that pharmaceutical drugs are poison and should be treated as such. Governments need to grow a pair and take control back from them. In fact government needs to prosecute these evil corporates and jail every pharmaceutical executive found guilty and complicit in furthering their murderous agenda. The human race does not need pharmaceutical chemicals, it needs to get back to natural treatments which abound. All of big pharma’s drugs have their origins in natural remedies. The problem lies in the alterations made by them to natural treatments in order to obtain a patent without which there is no money for them.

    • Absolutely well spoken that man. Unfortunately money and power is so corrupting it has polluted the minds of evil people to do whatever they can to implement their vile agendas and make tons of money out of the death and misery of millions. Nonetheless we must fight these people wherever we can and people like you are a vital asset in that fight – you say you’re a professor, so that’s why it makes you important as those horrible corporates will know you have good knowledge.

  21. We need to support people like Gmaf. I used these drops, and then after 2 killings, I can not get it again. It was so splendid!!!!!!
    It is awful that the scientists must hide themselves!!!

  22. I was targeted by Big Pharma who are allegedly controlled by the shadow governments that control behind the scenes, they control our politicians, media, financial system, banks, health care, education, judicial system the lot via secret societies and committees such as committee of 300. They are going after alternative practitioners by quacking them. Alternative Dr’s lives I believe are at risk as over a 100 have met very suspicious deaths in the U.S. and Canada. If you think with the wealth they accumulate from drugs is not used to their advantage to oust out the threat to their billions, think again. I’m constantly coming across Practitioners and Dr’s who are targeted, having their careers and reputations and much more ruined and even worse than that. 1 I know of ended up with cancer due to the stress/trauma of it all of a 7 yr legal case where they got sold down the river.

  23. The cancer industry is an extremely expensive machine of slow and painfull death. RSO – THC based not just CBD ( govt misinformation ) gcMAF and Fasting protocols all together with diet are all proven effective tumor shrinking and cancer destroying protocols that do not kill the immune system and do not have side effects. The medical industry is killing us and making as much money as it possibly can in the process.

  24. We are paying big Pharma for our own murders it is the equivalent of asking the Jews to pay for their own Zyklon B and the gas to fire the crematorium and saying don’t worry we will look after you all the way.

  25. They legalize poisoning medications, and advertise them to us daily that have adverse effects but now here is a treatment that works and it will have adverse effects on how much money their making on the Cancer treatment, making huge amounts of money for the drug corporations.
    Plus I heard they already have murdered all the chemist that have been working on it!

  26. It seems that fascism is now the prevailing means by which the people of the world are going to be governed. Unless we can wake up to the propaganda being used by the corporate media and the financial influence of a small elite group that believes they are the only qualified people to govern everyone else then we will continue to suffer unnecessarily.
    Here in the U.S. Our constitution seems to have disappeared , it’s no longer in use, our country is a corporation with corporate rules and bylaws. It’s starting to seem more like a foreign occupation than a constitutional republic. Yet most of the people don’t seem to notice.

  27. Money talks and nobody walks – especially when the big “druggies” are keeping secret that is, in fact, a cure for cancer. Geez. The pharms are little piggies – and they need to be stopped. By stopped, it means thrown in jail for killing so many trusting and innocent people. Keeping a cure for certain types of cancers silent and murdering those who found the cures. Bottomline is money. The have jeopardized the medical advances for the good of mankind – and they do not blink an eye……that’s greed. They do not care if you lose your life – as long as their bankroll is not in harm’s way……people are secondary. Jail without the possibility of parole. And it will take an honest – caring leader in the government – without the pharm’s lobbying strong arm – to crush the head of this monster. CRUSH and the people can do this…….whatever country you live in – vote – speak out because it may be your life that is “on the line” or life for your loved ones. SPEAK OUT! These big gluttons for $$$ are cowards – they kill great scientists/medical doctors to feed their $$$$ appetite. Snuff out the head(s) of these evil slimes……unite, pray and just do it. It starts with just one person……

  28. Money talks and nobody walks – especially when the big “druggies” are keeping secret that that is, in fact, a cure for cancer. Geez. The pharms are little piggies – and they need to be stopped – of course – but stopped means thrown in jail for killing so many trusting and innocent people. Bottomline is money. The have jeopardized the medical advances for the good of mankind – ALL peoples and they do not blink an eye……that’s greed. They do not care if you lose your life – as long as their bankroll is not in harm’s way……people are secondary. Jail without the possibility of parole. And it will take an honest – caring leader in the government – without the pharm’s lobbying strong arm – to crush the head of this monster. CRUSH and the people can do this…….whatever country you live in – vote – speak out because it may be your life that is “on the line” or one of your loved ones. SPEAK OUT! These big gluttons for $$$ are cowards – they kill great scientists/medical doctors to feed their $$$$ appetite. Snuff out the head(s) of these evil slime……unite, pray and just do it.

  29. Both in the U.S. and in G.B., we need to find a way to wake up those in the public who have been “dumbed down” by the system–those who have their head in the sand. It is people like these that are the reason why the “Pig” Pharma (like the “oinkology” profiteers)
    gets away with it!!’

    It’s time for a DRASTIC overhaul of the health education system (to include “how to take responsibility for YOUR OWN health”).

  30. We have the same problem in France. Impossible to escape the Big Pharma which corrupts all the medical profession.
    Doctors can still diagnose … but not choose treatment according to their Hyprocrat oath.

  31. What I read about this was mainly north American. I was surprised to read this. However the corruption sounds identical to the corruption that’s found in and with the food and drug administration in the US. The Liberal government presently in Canada is looking to make natural health products in line with pharmaceutical drugs, such as Bauer.

    It’s a shame. It is a disgrace. And it’s all about the money.

  32. Why begrudge a cure-all , after all you could tax it heavily, but there would still be a cures for so many ailments that we have all been donating to and waiting for over the years? It would save thousands in social funding too.

  33. How is the MHRA different from the NAZIS? Health can’t be the monopoly of one organisation or group….the government ought to be responsible to protect it’s people at all times n in all circumstances. I feel very embarrassed that at this time people or a group of people hold profit over life….life is the greatest gift to all without exception, life is precious beyond description. The function of MHRA in our world makes me even more determined to contribute to make the world a better place.
    How can the health secretary of a government like the British government turn a blind eye on an organisation like MHRA monopolise the manufacture n distribution of drugs….? Forcing people to use drugs only from a particular source is a violation of human freedom, human rights.
    The mentality that justifies these activities is frigthening…..this is a state of being spiritually bankrupt at the deepest fundamental level.
    We vote the PM, we vote the parliamentarians, we have entrusted them with our lives. How can they be passive about the activities of MHRA? Wonder why most people have lost trust with the establishment.

  34. the corruption of pharmaceutical companies is a crime against humanity. It must be stopped. They are poisoning us and profiting from us at the same time.

  35. great website I fully agree this corrupt MHRA needs to go but expect the Tories or Labour to do anything will be a waste of time go to eutruth.org.uk & support the britishconstitutiongroup.com

  36. It is disgraceful to the degree that I cannot grasp it.
    So much lawinforcement, so much violence and so called “protection” from authorities regarding
    substances that trully are healing without dangerous side effects.
    Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where is our protection from dangerous “medicines” and vaccins that leave us with side effects that
    give us new diseases, and many times are lethal ??

  37. Thomas Williams’ comment
    14th October 2016 at 12:29 am

    Saves lives.

    That’s it”

    My comment: That’s almost it. It is also threatening to ruin a huge, multy-billion Dollar business and is viciously attacked for just that reason.
    We really need to expose that mega-fraud and illegality, and spread the word so that people can start demanding better health care. The horrible powers that be won’t come up with such offer.

    Thomas Williams.

  38. I am a cancer patient and I have had all their treatments, including surgery. I have always believed more in the holistic way and if I had known of GCMAF before the treatments, I certainly would have tried it. I have known for many years of treatments for cancers from many countries and the Budwig protocol which has had great successes. The FDA and other government agencies are not there to help us, they are big business and only care about the all mighty dollar . I applaud and support you going forward on GcMAF and other treatments.

  39. We need a new UK regulator who is independent of industry, government and politics. Someone who is experienced, knowledgeable; isn’t afraid to stand up for others and for what is right.

    The MHRA is impossible. They have nobody there with appropriate qualifications and experience needed to enable them to implement the rules and keep people safe. When individuals who don’t know what they’re doing, designate other individuals who don’t know what they’re doing we get out of spec implants and we kill people.

    Politicians have no place in industry and if they did, they would have been able to secure a real job rather than People’s Puppet with broken strings.

    I wonder if you’re going to have another demo, or are demos worth it? Why the hell are we still funding this government? I agree with the above poster and we have to stop paying taxes. We cannot participate in these killings. We all need to become self employed and take this into our own hands.

  40. Ask all of these wealthy drug company executives who honestly know the thruth about their ineffective chemotherapy drugs as well as the thruth about the effectiveness of GcMaff which course of treatment they would seek if they or their loved ones were stricken with a deadly cancer? I think the answer is obvious !
    So they should all save their souls and let their conscience be their guide and allow our worlds sick and dying people the opportunity to access GcMaff and save millions of lives! Amen. th t .

    • I have proof of your point here in the US. I used to go to a chelation doctor for EDTA IV’s. There was a special room where doctors would get their treatments because they did not want to be seen. They did not want anyone to know they were seeking “alternative” medical treatments. One of them was an endocrinologist. When he first started coming he was in a wheelchair with black feet after a few months he walked in with normal looking feet. We pressed him for information and he said he had tried his own drugs and they didn’t work so to keep from losing his feet he had to do chelation. We asked if he sent any of his patients here and he said he couldn’t because it wasn’t approved!. In another clinic all the doctors came in at 6:30 AM to keep from being seen.

  41. These people are preventing sick and dying people from getting a real cure. They are beyond evil and on the payroll of the death merchants who PROFIT from extremely ill, desperately frightened terminally ill human beings. They are the scum of the Earth and while their final judgement is coming at the hands of GOD, in the interim, they are beyond despicable.
    Sick and dying people should be allowed to pursue any cure they think will be effective to them. Just because the merchants of death can’t profit to the sick’s last pennies doesn’t mean the death merchants should be able to impose their will on sick people who choose NOT to buy or ingest their ridiculously overpriced poison. It’s our life and our choice and bribing the government to continue to prey on the sick, aged and infirm is beyond heinous. Disband the MHRA, they are lying, bought and paid for scumbags.

  42. I see my comments are there so I must have missed that, sorry. You can remove my “why were my comments deleted” entry.

    As a matter of interest, I have been investigating various NHS accounts due to a case I am bringing to the ombudsman. What we have with the MHRA is peanuts compared to the gross waste of funds in the NHS as a whole. I also strongly suspect fraudulent practices which our politicians do not seem to want to investigate. As with the MHRA, the system is geared to grace and favour appointments and hundreds of millions are being sucked out of the budget paying crazy salaries to all the top brass in the area health trusts. Time for the fraud squad or a public enquiery I think to find out where all these vast sums are going, certainly not to front line care services.


  44. Well done to Brian Hall for his tenacity; I have been writing about health for 5 years trying to tell people the whole medical system is no better than drug dealing gangsters.

    Keep going; up the anti, its the only thing these public school clowns understand.

  45. My health is important to me. I was diagnosed with lupus and all they want to do is give me pills that mask my illness and do more damage. I started doing research and been doing holistic remedies. Which have been working well for me. My doctor is upset with me cause I’m refusing their way (drugs). My inflammation levels went from 80% down to 30% by eating organic and doing herbal supplements. Don’t get started on their drugs; there is no miracle pill. They are only trying to wipe out population and make $.

  46. La santé ne doit pas être un monopole pharmaceutique, l’état se doit de protéger les citoyens des prédateurs financiers n’ayant d’autre intérêt que le leur !

  47. Co-proxamol had been on the market for over 50 years the income MHRA received from the 17 ‘Marketing Authorisation’ holders had diminished by 2005.
    My Questions to MHRA via FOI: – Co-proxamol, what was the monetary loss to MHRA when these MA’s were cancelled? MHRA response: – Zero
    What was the potential monetary loss to MHRA between 2008 and 2015? (Renewals Etc.) MHRA response: – This has been calculated to be approximately £100,000 Alternative Analgesia
    How many MA’s were held for OXYCODONE drugs when the phased withdrawal for Coproxamol was first announced in January 2005? 13
    How many MA’s were held in January 2015? 151
    What was the monetary Gain to MHRA between 2008 and 2015 resulting from any increases in the number of MA’s issued? (Including Renewals Etc.). Approximately £1,550,000. This is the total received in application fees for these new marketing authorisations and does not include any subsequent licence variations or service fees.
    My attempt at obtaining an answer to the last question has been cunningly circumvented by them using Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act. (Licence variations and service fees are a continuous flow of income for MHRA and are far more lucrative than the initial marketing authorisations)!
    MHRA’s reasoning for the removal of the MA’s was: – 300-400 deaths per year. Deaths from the alternate drugs have increased dramatically since the removal of co-proxamol!
    When the decision was made to remove the licence there were approximately 1.7 million patients taking Co-proxamol in the UK; the overdose death rate, assuming their figures were correct equated to just 0.02% OF PATIENTS WOULD HAVE BEEN AT RISK of death (intentional or accidental)!
    The vast majority of patients had taken Co-proxamol responsibly and, in normal use, COPROXAMOL POSED NO THREAT TO LIFE AND HAD CONSIDERABLY FEWER SIDE EFFECTS THAN ANY OTHER PAIN KILLING DRUG.
    Deaths in the UK from all of the alternate analgesia have increased alarmingly since the MA’s for Co-proxamol were removed!

    • Deaths from Tramadol rose from 53 in 2005 to 240 in 2014 • Deaths from Oxycodone rose from 11 in 2005 to 53 in 2014
    • Deaths from Codeine rose from 44 in 2005 to 136 in 2014
    • Deaths from Fentanyl rose from 3 in 2005 to 40 in 2014
    • Deaths from Buprenorphine rose from 5 in 2005 to 24 in 2014

    I have requested internal reviews for both of my FOI requests.
    MHRA Internal review received 14th November 2016 (FOI 16/546) https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/loss_of_co_proxamol_leads_to_a_l#incoming-894810

    Blackpool CCG Internal review is overdue. (FOI-01520-Q1H3-BP)


  48. I am delighted to have come across this page by accident. For years i have had pages on my web site attacking the MHRA.

    Our politicians seem unable to take action against the NHS and it massive incompetence. I would suggest a petition on the government web site which might go over the number needed to get a debate. I have numerous files showing the waste throughout the area health trusts. I have drawn up a document that I would be happy to share if contacted. I refuse to use all social media so can’t do it that way.

  49. Vaccinations to my Son has ruined our life, its all about the money and who cares about the outcome. There has to be a way to stop these people? There are so many cures that they have shut down due to they would Lose money, What about the people they hurt or Kill, what about their loved ones??? We need to stand up for what is right and do something to stop these Animals!!!!!

  50. In a recent FOI case about the banking services provided by the British Government to Huntingdon Life Sciences, which is now known as Envigo CRS Ltd., the British Government opposed a routine private background check on the drug-testing history of the lab; it did not want the Information Tribunal to find out from the MHRA if Huntingdon Life Sciences had tested and passed as safe any of the large number of pharmaceuticals that have killed people, e.g.: Vioxx, Propulsid, Baycol, Redux, Zyban, Exjade, Primodos/Duogynon, Yaz/Yasmin, Lamisil.

    The British Government is propping up the killer lab Envigo CRS Ltd.

  51. My dad was treated with chemo, as well as many other drugs for his cancer…in the end, these drugs did not help him as he was diagnosed with sepsis which caused him to fall into a coma and eventually pass away. I myself have MS and though I take 16 different medications a day, including a specific MS medication that is supposed to slow the progression of my disease, I have slowly become more ill and disabled over time. My MS has spread from my brain to my spine, while using medication that cost $15,000.00 per month. I truly believe the drug companies, FDA, as well as other organizations and people are making too much money to ever allow a cure for any disease to interfere with profits.

    • CBD oiL (high percentage not the weak stuff from H&B) will definitely help stabilise your health (including a good low carb diet reducing your sugar intake as cancer loves sugar) if you find it hard to get a decent GcMAF supply.

  52. We cannot standby and let this happen anymore… we are slowly being poisoned to death, whilst being robbed!!! It is truly unbelievable that we live in a world so corrupt, which has no value on human life, we are puppets and it is hard work continually trying to dodge the bullets. We must keep educating, even though the masses do not want to hear, one day I pray ( in another lifetime no doubt ) we will wake up.

  53. These guys are like the FDA; they all need to be physically removed by the people, and be tried like the Nazi’s. This is the biggest cover up by far.

  54. We want to live in a clean and honest world, so lets help each other to enjoy life, not try to kill each other!!

  55. Yes, it is disgraceful that alternative treatments can not be chosen over devastating chemotherapy treatments that lost me my life quality.

  56. Let’s NOT wait for others to shut them down. Let’s take matters into our own hands and let’s all agree on a specific day and time to stop paying taxes world-wide.

  57. Shocking that our own MPs are even looking for action now. Time is running out for this “Quango” scrap this body as soon as possible in light of peoples lives are in their hands…..what is our country coming to in light of this alarming information available against the MHRA. Keep up the good work!!!

  58. I’ve watched three family members with cancer being poisoned with chemo and radiation and subsequently all three died. The reality of the world is this……..GREED makes the world go round. Sad…sad world we live in!!! They need to be shut down now!

  59. Personalmente he sido testigo de los efectos que la medicina tradicional (criminal) trata como efectos colaterales, en enfermos de cancer ( quimioteerapias) y las consecuencias a largo plazo causadas por los mismos farmacos a largo plazo.
    y como prohiben el uso de farmacos naturales y la importacion de los mismos a paises como los EUA.
    Asi mismo soy testigo de que las prohibiciones para importar medicamentos naturales clasifican como delitos el hacer libre uso de los mismos.
    He visto como los agentes aduanales confiscan los medicamentos por orden de FDA en los EUA.

    Translation: I have personally witnessed the criminal effects of traditional medicine, like chemotherapy side effects in cancer patients, and long-term consequences caused by these drugs.
    And seen them prohibiting the use of natural drugs, or seizing natural treatments on arrival in countries like the US.
    Likewise I witness that natural medicines are classified as crimes to stop people using them.
    I have seen customs agents and the FDA confiscate treatments in the US.

  60. These vermin need to be eradicated ! Keep up the good fight in Guernsey Biotech and get that GcMAF back of these corporate Hyenas . People need to be given truth and hope, not lies and deceit .

  61. Agenda 21: “Depopulate to 500 million, in perpetual balance with Nature.”

    Perform an internet search for “Agenda 21”, study the protocols of this insidious, and conspiratorial attack on Mankind. You will understand the decisions being made, and the actions being taken, by governments and corporations, that are resulting in the death of billions of humans.

  62. I’m glad to know there are still brave to take this kind of truth for the protection of humanity people, as we are seeing more diseases because of drugs and vaccines. greetings and blessings

  63. It’s costing me a fortune to get well because the NHS can only offer me dangerous drugs that will not make me better but will almost definitely make me worse. Every drug I have been prescribed by the NHS contains nasty E numbers and that’s the least of it! Even some supplements that are allowable on NHS prescription have been denied me. It’s time to blow open the corruption of BigPharma.

  64. It will be a very pleasant day when we read Ian Hudson & Gerald Heddell obituaries.
    Maybe they will succumb to the same accident that Dr. Bradstreet did. . . let’s all hope so.

  65. My parents generation fought and died for freedom and ideal. But we don’t have that freedom we are controlled by greed and fear.

  66. I wonder what their salaries are and what benefits accrue from protecting big PHARMA. They are above the law it seems and do not have to prove the accusations they make regarding GcMaf.

  67. Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy licensed to KILL.
    Death by Lethal Prescription, Authorized by “The State”.
    Involuntary Euthanasia!
    Who is next? Anyone you know?

    • Hi Mike I know someone who is a victim of chemo. My brother just died on Dec 23 2015. We are heartbroken of course. Dr. Said the chemo did not kill the cancer cells so he designed a new concoction of chemo to try. My brother was sent home to die he lasted 2days. 9 months of chemo did my brother in. He was still healthy at first and declined rapidly now he cant walk or talk and died. The Dr called him a brave soldier. The Dr did not attend Richards funeral. I believe my bro did not die of the cancer itself and once he started chemo he did not have a chance. Can I join a group to stop chemotherapy and fight

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  70. I have made approx. 40 FOIA requests on the ‘What do they know’ website most of them to the MHRA but also the DH, JCVI and NHS. All of my requests relate to the thousands of girls seriously disabled by the HPV vaccine introduced in 2008 and given to all 13 year old girls in school.
    The estimated reporting rate (ERR) for SERIOUS adverse events (SAE) for all of the other vaccines in the national immunisation programme is between 2 – 8/100,000 recipients but for the HPV vaccien it is 97/100,000.

    They tell blatant lies and do everything they can to deny, defend and delay. It is corrupt and seriously negligent.

  71. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community.
    Your site provided us with valuable info to work on. You’ve done
    a formidable job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

  72. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google,
    and found that it’s really informative. I am going to watch out for brussels.
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  73. If governments really cared about protecting people they would do something about the huge toll of deaths and serious injuries caused by the cars and roads they constantly subsidise, not to mention the many thousands more poisoned by the air pollution. But they don’t because in reality governments DON’T give a damn about our safety. Nannying scams like the MHRA and COT are criminal organisations set up to breach our right to choose our own healthcare, merely so as to boost corporate profits. They should be abolished and banned constitutionally.

    • We are being constantly slowly poisoned each day by “Killer Chemtrails.” Contrails disappear in seconds, chemtrails hang around for days in our atmosphere to eventually fall to earth. And this they say is to combat global warming when in fact it causes new types of cancer. I suggest you look at this on the Internet…killer chemtrails truth. “One scientist murdered after going on national radio with the truth of how dangerous chemtrails are to the envirement and our health in general. Listen to this!” (Breaking Chemtrail Scientist Murdered after Going On National Radio).

    • I have been investigating a French scientist who said he had a cure for all ills, we met here in Jersey channel islands in 1998. But it wasn’t his formula, Norbert Duffaut was a very famous French scientist who discovered this formula and he was murdered, some say his colleague was responsible for his death. So why was he offered one million pounds to bury his formula by a pharmaceutcal company? He refused, and was found dead. I used the original formula and it was a miracle cure, so I decided to investigate this French scientist who told me it was his discovery and found him to be a conman from day one of our meeting. He committed fraud in Belgium in 1986 to the sum of 2.2 m old FF to someone who gave him a loan, obviously this man trusted him. The police in France said Norbert committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a 12-bore shot-gun. When a pathologist opened him up traces of cyanide was found in his body. So how could he shoot himself and take poison? I have the note left by Norbert Duffaut before his death, and no way does it suggest he was suicidal. I used this fake medicine deliberately to prove it is now counterfeit and I had to have a cancer tumour removed, leaving me with a very bad scar on my head. One conclusion only…pharmacuetical companies will allow a dangerous product to be sold world wide but not a cure for 95% of all ills as this true formula was. This fake product is now coming from a company namely: LLR G5 Castlebar County Mayo and is being sold world wide making millions. I have written the full story on this French crook who conned many of his creditors out of millions, His name Loic Le Ribaul, Amazon has books about him not knowing the real truth behind this scientist. Soon, they will!

      • Wow, I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of GCMaf with cancer but I didn’t know about MS benefits. What about other diseases like parkinsons and motor neurons disease?

        Is it possible to get access to GCMaff now?

  74. The corruption of the MHRA is the Department of Health’s responsibility. That is Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. He’s been there 2.5 years. Why has he not closed them down?


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