200,000 die

The American FDA stated that the medicines they license are the number 4 killer of mankind. (See front page) and that 100,000 Americans die every year as a result. (http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DevelopmentApprovalProcess/DevelopmentResources/DrugInteractionsLabeling/ucm114848.htm) or see https://chemo.st/sabotage/

Britain is 1/5th the population, so around 20,000 deaths must be the MHRA’s responsibility.

Unlike the FDA, this is a figure the MHRA conceals in the UK.

But that excludes deaths from chemotherapy poisons, which are counted, wrongly, as cancer deaths.

160,000 people die unnecessarily of cancer every year in Britain. Half of those don’t die of the cancer: They die of the poison of licensed chemotherapy drugs. So there’s another 80,000.

So the MHRA probably kill 100,000 British people a year with licensed drugs they approve.

In the USA the FDA was being prosecuted for causing 3 million deaths, half from licensed medicines, half from denying people access to modern science. Case 99-16746.

Using the same half ratio, if we double the 100,000, because the MHRA also denies people access to modern science, we get an estimate of 200,000 deaths a year caused by the MHRA, which is probably of the right order.

Looking at it from a slightly different perspective,

160,000 a year die of cancer in England.
If the MHRA were to ban the 100 year old poison of chemotherapy (which started life out as World War One mustard gas), and encourage modern science, 80% of those with cancer would be saved (see www.chemokills.info for a list of treatments that work.) That would be 128,000 saved.

And the NHS would save about £10 billion in drug costs. Its those drug costs that the MHRA directors are keeping in place on behalf of their former employers.

Add the 20,000 that die in the UK from other killer drugs, and we come to 148,000

Add people with other diseases who would be saved by modern treatments that are banned, concealed or denied by the MHRA, and you are probably approaching the 200,000 deaths annually caused by the MHRA.

So again, 200,00 does seem to be of the right order.

3 thoughts on “200,000 die”

  1. if we also include here, those who’s lives have been trashed, changed forever by taking fluoroquinolone ‘ antibiotics’ actually chemo in disguise, & add to that list that those who have died because of them, add to that those who get misdiagnosed with ‘ serious mental illness ‘ due to the neuropsychiatric ADRs then get put onto psychotropic poison, which kills them later down the line the numbers affected are actually astronomical & will never actually be known , because most of those who die because of them will never have that put down as the cause of death, & the rest of us who’s lives are devastated by the serious ADRs are left misdiagnosed with OTHER conditions. those such as Fibromyalgia , ME/CFS ‘ severe mental illnesses ‘ & any number of autoimmune conditions … in fact the list goes on ad infinitum .

  2. 200,000 deaths, but then there’s also the people whose lives have been debilitated by debilitating drugs who were denyed access to effective treatments (that includes everyone who goes through the mental death notcivils (accurate pun), probably around a third of which against their will, and obviously against all of their will had they known in the first place they would be debilitated).


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