Big pharma also controls a number of charities, including:

Cancer Research UK collect donations to cure cancer, when multiple cures have already been found. Is that fraud? Their job seems to be to conceal or rubbish those cures, and drive patients into chemotherapy. They probably drive scores of thousands of people to their deaths every year. Yes, they have big pharma on their board.

The Anti Cancer fund in Belgium. They approach scientific journals to sabotage excellent scientifically based research papers, that publish new ways of defeating cancer. They do it with bad and simply wrong science. One of their three directors is from big pharma and is promoting a competing product, but they conceal this in their submissions. On their website, they drive patients into chemo.

The General Medical Council or GMC strike off doctors with scientifically based research, or good methods of treating patients. The best known is probably Dr Andrew Wakefield, who published a superb paper proving the MMR vaccine causes autism. For that he was struck off and demonised.

The NHS is killing 130,000 a year on the Liverpool Care Pathway or LCP. If a patient is elderly and infirm, they mark “Nil by mouth” “Do not resuss” on the bottom of their bed. They don’t die of starvation – they die of dehydration, a horrible death. Its an assisted death pathway, or euthanasia.

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  1. Linda Reid – I’m speechless what is this world coming to.

    Lawrence, you don’t have to talk about it, the common law tab above tells you what to do with your common law birth certificate in court.

  2. Not a surprise War is a racket and do is the pharm is a cash cow when for example the amazon is a souce of natural cures. Nothing can change till money and status is removed. Your a slave free yourself from the state..


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