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All our courts are corrupt Admiralty law
If you are the victim of a court you will rightly feel you are living in a dictatorship.
The valid courts are the common law courts, which go back a thousand years. But with the fire of London and the plague, the courts decided to dispense with common law, and go with Admiralty Law. They passed the Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. An Admiralty court deals deals with ships, goods, property, the dead and their assets.

It cannot handle or prosecute living people, so they decreed we are all dead, or lost at sea. We are classed as things, or fictitious names, ie a legal fiction. That enabled them to seize all our assets, which they put in a trust owned by the government.

Yes, its all about profit. The fictitious name is your name, but at least part of it is in capitals. If you see a name in capitals in a court, its a fictitious name.

Your “normal,” Admiralty birth certificate, is a contract between you, your parents and the government, where they steal all your assets. But because they illegally conceal its purpose is theft, all court judgements on fictitious names are also illegal (because a contact has to be honest) and can be overturned. It is not normal for a court to do anything honest. Unfortunately the police illegally obey the statutory or Admiralty courts.

You can create a living birth certificate on, click Deeds. Common law courts with a jury of 12 are superior to all other courts, including the Supreme court.

If you end up in court, DO NOT state your name and address. Say “I have a living common law birth certificate I would like the judge to read.” They should then dismiss the case; as an Admiralty court they can’t touch a living person. You can later say “I am a living man, John of the family Smith.” The police too will then accept this verdict.

You can also reclaim your property by reclaiming your dead entity, become the executor of your Cestui Que Vie trust, collapse it, forgive your debts, and remove yourself from the corruption of Admiralty law.

Most nations had common, Natural or Universal law, but nearly all, including The USA, Ireland and France, followed England in adopting Admiralty law (Napoleonic).

John Smith from Dundee, Scotland, with 18 years experience, is probably the leading advocate of common law in the UK. He has experience in all levels of court, including Judicial Review, the High Court on the Stand London, and the Supreme court. The government has abolished all degrees and A Levels in common Law and the British Constitution; they want us to forget we have rights.

If we went back to common law, we would have honest courts that did not persecute innocent people. Our freedom would be restored.

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  1. Corpus Juris (Roman civil law) is identifiable circa 530AD. The Magna Carta1215 was written in to oppose Roman law and the injustices it brought. Magna Carta1215 was written and sealed some 80 years before English parliament began. Magna Carta is the foundation for common law thus sovereignty is enshrined within common law not parliament as it was sovereignty that King John signed over. Parliament only becomes empowered by way of representative MPs who derive conferred sovereignty power from the people. Parliament is a dead legal fiction. It appears that parliamentary sovereignty requires a root. In a living society that root requires to be in the living acting(real-living-women-men NOT corporate-dead-legal-fictional-MPs) not the dead acting (Corpus Juris= dead act).

    King John was not a vassel king to the Pope so the Pope had no power over him.

    Sovereignty cannot be given away as it is enshrined in the people and it manifests in the inalienable birth rights for each living woman-man.

  2. I strongly and respectfully suggest all men and women study Karl Lentz regards common law. Also learn how to give your autograph not your signature is a very useful thing to know. Research the ‘Justinian Deception’ with Romley Stuart (GLOSSA channel). A good place to start, regards Karl Lentz, is the interview with Brian Gerrish on UKcolumn channel. ‘Youtube’ seem to be curtailing and blocking a lot of info that used to be fairly easy to access, so switching to BitChute or Vimeo would be a wise move, also use Duck Duck Go/ Firefox search engines rather than Google. The more people who understand the huge lie and are red pilled the better, then pass it on to as many people who will listen. Love.

  3. I know how you feel,ive been trying to get my local council into court,over council tax,under contract and credit law,but everytime they find out i will be turning up,representing myself,they keep backing out on me. Its turning into a game of back and forth tennis,thats going nowhere.

  4. “The government has abolished all degrees and A Levels in common Law and the British Constitution; they want us to forget we have rights.”

    Do you have any documentation or links for this? I follow Ian R Crane on Twitter and YouTube.

    Thank you


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