At the beginning of 2017 the MHRA announced, decades too late, that all those scientific research papers that prove cannabis helps to a greater or lessor extent are right. They then classified CBD oil as a drug, and wrote to all CBD suppliers telling them they were now supplying it illegally, and must stop in 28 days.

That’s typical MHRA: Its good for you, therefore you can’t have it. The last thing the MHRA want is for anyone to be cured of anything.

The cannabis lobby is large, so we are hoping they’ll back down on this.

Solicitors representing the UK Cannabis Trade Association UKCTA have now written to the MHRA seeking clarification of its intentions and making three crucial points:

  • The letters to CBD suppliers and the MHRA’s original press statement have caused serious financial damage to the CBD industry.
  • The MHRA has conducted no effective consultation with stakeholders.
  • The MHRA’s own guidelines require it to consider each product on a case by case basis and a blanket ban on products containing CBD would be unlawful.

But the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, is granting a license for CBD oil in his own right, and ignoring the MHRA, who will clearly only destroy.