We have heard that the MHRA ruthlessly stopped the production of GcMAF in England, 9 months ago on the 28th January 2015.

GcMAF is a human protein all of us make, and a human right; it has no side effects. It is the best treatment known for 90% of cancers, and 50 other diseases. People with disease can’t make it, and need external GcMAF to cure their diseases. It was discovered in 1990, and the MHRA has concealed it from the public since then.

200 scientists have written over 100 scientific research papers on GcMAF, and Immuno Biotech Ltd had supplied 10,000 people, with fabulous results before the MHRA closed them down.

As the regulatory agency they should have helped Immuno Biotech Ltd (IBL) to get the product into the NHS as soon as possible.

But they abused their position, to protect the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies that they illegally represent.

Instead of making a telephone call to arrange a meeting, the MHRA raided IBL’s Cambridge laboratory with 8 police, 4 in bullet proof vests, interrogated and terrorised the two female scientists who were on duty for eight hours. They were so traumatised they could not work for months afterwards.

They closed Immuno Biotech’s bank accounts using the illegal compliance system (see Legal abuse above), and the company was forced to cease trading.

They closed the CEO’s bank accounts and left him penniless. They are now doing that to members of his family.

On their website they published 18 fraudulent misrepresentation about IBL’s excellent sterility record.

The MHRA committed perjury and fraudulent misrepresentation in their witness statement to Canterbury Crown court to obtain a restraint order.

By denying the public an excellent treatment, GcMAF, that saves lives, the MHRA have committed a crime against humanity. 160,000 people a year die unnecessarily in Britain from cancer; most could have been saved.

If you know of other examples of good treatments denied to the British public by the MHRA, please tell us in the posts below.