We have heard that the MHRA ruthlessly stopped the production of GcMAF in England, 9 months ago on the 28th January 2015.

GcMAF is the body’s way of curing cancer, a human protein all of us make, and a human right; it has no side effects. It is the best treatment known for tumour cancers, which is 90% of them, and 50 other diseases. People with disease can’t make it, and need external GcMAF to cure their diseases. It was discovered in 1990, and the MHRA has conspired to conceal it from the public since then.

300 scientists have written over 150 scientific research papers on GcMAF, and Immuno Biotech Ltd had supplied 11,000 people, with fabulous results before the MHRA closed them down.

As the regulatory agency the MHRA’s remit is to support new treatments; they should have helped Immuno Biotech Ltd (IBL) to get the product into the NHS as soon as possible.

But they abused their position, to protect the profits of the big pharmaceutical companies that they illegally represent. They have big pharma on their board.

Instead of making a telephone call to arrange a meeting, the MHRA raided IBL’s Cambridge laboratory with 8 police, 4 in bullet proof vests, interrogated and terrorised the two female scientists who were on duty for eight hours. They were so traumatised they could not work for months afterwards.

They closed Immuno Biotech’s bank accounts using the illegal compliance system (see Legal abuse above), and the company was forced to cease trading.

They closed the CEO’s bank accounts and left him penniless. They are now doing that to members of his family.

On their website they published 18 fraudulent misrepresentations about IBL’s excellent sterility record.

Thirty Three major persecutions, no prosecution for almost 4 years
To avoid prosecuting Immuno Biotech, and its a simple case, the MHRA have persecuted them with 33 attacks, wasting millions in public money:

The MHRA’s Andrew Graham committed perjury and fraudulent misrepresentation in his witness statement to Canterbury Crown court to obtain a Restraint Order (RO). One lie is that all IBL’s benevolent income is proceeds of crime.
The Restraint Order closed Immuno Biotech and its bank accounts and left them penniless.
18 fraudulent misrepresentation about IBL’s excellent sterility on the MHRA website
Forced Wickham Laboratories Ltd to retrospectively downgrade the independent part of IBL’s sterility results
The RO closed their team of four scientists, who had been carrying out scientific research into many diseases, including those of the brain, publishing the results in 33 research papers and winning scientific awards.
The RO forced them to jump through hoops to keep saving lives on a smaller scale overseas.
It got their clinics closed; they were saving 4 lives per clinic every month – those people are now dying.
Got their 3 doctors fired.
The MHRA carried out 14 raids on IBL with 100 officers, traumatising their staff, some more than once.
Arrested 5 staff.
The MHRA contacted France, who arrested David Halsall; he is still in a French prison with no hope of getting out. The French then put out a European Arrest Warrant for David Noakes and his girlfriend, a biomedical scientist. If they are extradited they too will will be in an appalling French prison for up to 2.4 years awaiting trial. He’s 64 with high blood pressure now 190/110, He has diabetes, and will probably not make it. French prisons and human rights are appalling. And the MHRA won’t have to prosecute – a perfect solution for them.
The MHRA have put David in a number of prison cells, the latest Wandsworth Prison, they’ve put him on bail twice at the same time, with strict bail conditions.
Staff now have to watch patients dying because the MHRA has closed them down and they can’t treat them.
All 27 staff were forced to leave.
The RO and the MHRA have made their lives a living hell. Two staff have had mental breakdowns.

This persecution, and the MHRA’s criminal killing of 110,000 a year, are not reasonable actions. The are the actions of psychopaths. Some of those responsible are Ian Hudson, Gerald Heddell, Archibald Cox, Jeff Clements, and Andrew Graham. None of these are fit for public office, and should face prosecution for the deaths they cause. Their salaries really are proceeds of crime.

By denying the public an excellent treatment, GcMAF, that saves lives, the MHRA have committed a crime against humanity. 160,000 people a year die unnecessarily in Britain from cancer; 110,000 could be saved.

Finally the MHRA are prosecuting 5 people for “Making a medicine without a licence” on November 19th 2018 at Southwark Crown Court London. This is a strict liability charge, meansing you can only plead guilty and cannot have a jury.

In the EU nation of Britain, judges illegally subject us to corpus juris, not common law; the ignore the British Constitution. You really are guilty, and may never get the chance to prove you are innocent. Innocent unless proven guilty has gone.

Judge Heather Norton

The MHRA chose Canterbury Court, and its senior judge Heather Norton, to seize all of IBL’s assets and to close its bank account with a Restraint Order. Why did the MHRA chose Canterbury, miles away from its bases in Manchester and London? Did they know they could control a judge, or get a biased one?

Judge Heather Norton ignored the obvious multiple perjuries in Andrew Graham’s witness statement on behalf of the MHRA.  The most obvious of which was “David Noakes has evaded income tax in the UK.” He then states David’s address as Fort George, Guernsey. As Andrew Graham and Heather Norton know full well, Guernsey is an indepenent nation and its residents do not pay UK income tax. (And David had just voluntarily paid £110,000, the maximum tax cap, in a payment to the Inland Revenue of Guernsey for one year’s income tax.) Judge Heather Norton went along with this perjuries.

The Judge ignored the fact that 11 public bodies have reported the MHRA is corrupt – see this website’s home page.

Norton also ignored the fact that the two active directors of the MHRA, Ian Hudson, Chairman, and Gerald Heddell, who closed IBL down, are from Big Pharma (Glaxo Smith Kline) in a deadly conflict of interest. It should have been obvious to the dumbest of judges that these men were closing IBL down to protect GSK’s profits. But Judge Heather Norton is not dumb.

It should have been evident to Judge Heather Norton that the guilty parties are the MHRA, who are conspiring with others to defraud the NHS and the British government of £9 Billion annually for drugs that kill, and cause 200,000 deaths as a result.

And it must have been clear to her that IBL, who were using GcMAF, the body’s way of curing cancer without side effects, at one percent the cost of chemotherapy, are a benevolent, honest and philanthropic company.

Judge Heather Norton is clearly either biased and corrupt, or incompetent. But she knows what she’s doing; she’s not incompetent.

By making it impossible for IBL to make progress and get GcMAF into the NHS, Judge Heather Norton’s dishonesty is one of the major causes of 300,000 deaths: The three hundred thousand people who have died unnecessarily of cancer since she first intervened two and a half years ago.

She also is not fit to hold any public office, and should resign.

And be prosecuted for corruption, causing her to have a part in killing 300,000 people.


If you know of other examples of good treatments denied to the British public by the MHRA, please tell us in the posts below.