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Pharmaceutical drug companies want to make super profits, 100 x as much as a drug costs to make. To make that much they need a patent, and you can’t patent natural substances. That means they have to make dangerous chemical drugs.

Between 2004 and 2010, pharmaceutical drug corporations paid an astonishing $7 Billion (that’s billion with a “b”) in criminal fines, penalties and lawsuits — but with a $1.3 Trillion turnover, that’s a drop in the bucket for them.

In his book Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime, Peter Gotzsche states pharmaceutical drugs are the third biggest killer after heart disease and cancer.

The pharmaceutical industry moves from one dangerous drug to the next, so they can make massive profits.

Here’s a small selection from a big list of drugs the MHRA has been happy for you to use in the UK. The MHRA has never prosecuted any of them:

Avandia – GSK – caused 83,000 heart attacks, until it was re-licensed to continue killing by the FDA in February 2010. It was launched in 1999, withdrawn by the the European Medicines Agency in 2010. GSK paid a $3 Billion fine in the USA for fraud, because they knew it killed and concealed it. They got off scott free in England; The MHRA did nothing – they have GSK directors on their board.

Wellbutrin GSK third leading cause of drug related seizures, 22 deaths. Illegally advertised for Depression. Weight loss. Smoking. Poor libido. Lack of focus, because there is no research for any of them. The CEO was left off by a USA judge. The MHRA as always did nothing. Caused self harm, or harm to others.

Paxil/Seroxat – GSK An SSRI. Seems to cause much more depression than it treats; some say it causes brain damage and permanent side effects. 1,026 deaths. Unbearable withdrawal symptoms and tendancy for suicides/pointless murders. In 2008 the MHRA stated they would not prosecute GSK for deliberately withholding trial data. GSK paid a billion in Paxil lawsuits, and $3 billion for the illegal marketing of Paxil and other drugs in the USA. Ian Hudson, now the MHRA CEO, gave evidence on behalf of GSK on the wonders of Paxil to an enquiry. In the UK, after the MHRA’s biggest ever investigation, GSK were let off scott free. And the MHRA still haven’t banned it. This is where the conflict of interest with Ian Hudson and Gerald Heddell kills.

Vioxx – Merck – 149,000 heart attacks, strokes, and deaths. Merck drew up a hit list of academics it wanted to neutralise or discredit. Launched in 1999 Vioxx was recalled in September 2004. Estimates for deaths are around 250,000. Merck new it killed and concealed it. But only 60,000 legal cases. Merck paid out $4.85 billion. The MHRA was investigated because of its regulatory failure. The Health Commmittee in the House of Commons merely said the MHRA was too close to the pharmaceuticl corporations. Merck’s fine was a paltry $321 million but $950 million with criminal charges.

Opioids have killed 202,000 since 2002; most notably, with 30% of the market, Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin, which has made $31 billion in profits since 1996. Purdue pleaded guilty to criminal charges of misrepresentation and paid a mere $600 million in fines, but the immensely profitable gravy train rolls on unabated: people are still getting hopelessly addicted, and dying. It was approved by the FDA and enthusiastically supported by the MHRA. Opioids have a place if patients are conned into painful chemotherapy, where they reduce pain. But they are prescribed like confetti for all pain, even backache.

Bextra Geodon Zyvox Lyrica – Pfizer got a $2.3 million criminal fine for false claims  in 2009.

Actos -Takeda Pharma from Japan – heart failure and the BMJ states it increases the risk of bladder cancer by 83% causing deaths.  10,000 lawsuits settled for $2.37 billion. $6 Billion fine from Louisana for concealing cancer risks.

Prozac, Effexor, Paxil Suicidal behaviour. When a person becomes a maniac and commits a murder, its often these that drive them to it.

Zoloft and Lexapro Suicidal behaviour, and birth defects.

Beta Blockers, for high blood pressure, kill 10,000 a year in the UK, according to Forbes Magazine, the European Heart Journal, and WebMD.

Gardasil – Merck is supposed to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which in rare cases may cause cervical cancer if left untreated. The clinical trials data have not demonstrated that Gardasil has prevented a single case of cervical cancer (let alone cervical cancer death.) 80 million girls have been given Gardasil, whose main effect is to dispense Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, from which it it is almost impossible to recover. HPV infection is cleared within two years on its own; those on Gardasil find it more difficult to shake off. The MHRA got 3,972 Gardasil complaints in three years from patients, and did not act. See: Post Gardasil Syndrome, Gardasil deaths, Gardasil lawsuits.

Cervarix GSK’s HPV vaccine  is also causing deaths every month.

MMR vaccineThousands of mothers report their child got autism within a day or a fortnight of the MMR jab. Their lives change completely from that day; divorce is common. The child is frustrated beyond belief because they can’t communicate. Its an effect on the brain – using GcMAF with ultrasound to cross the blood brain barrier is effective in a week with 60% of cases. But the MHRA has banned GcMAF because of its effect on big pharma profits. Every report comes up negative – because big pharma makes $29 Billion out of the MMR vaccine.

Chemotherapy – poisons which kill up to 30,000 a year in the UK, and maim hundreds of thousands. But at £40,000 a round, it makes over £100 billion a year for big pharma. There are a dozen better ways to treat cancer with no side effects, but the MHRA are working on making safe treatments illegal, to protect big pharma profits.

Thalidomide You’ll be pleased to know they’ve approved the re-licensing of thalidomide for use. You’ve heard of the babies born with appalling birth defects, missing arms and legs, in the 1960’s?

Amalgam fillings – mercury poisoning  16% of UK dentists still use what they call “silver” fillings. They aren’t silver, they are 50% mercury, which leeches into your body every day. Toxic effects include damage to the brain, kidneys, lungs and immune system. Higher doses cause death.

Billion dollar fines don’t count in a trillion dollar industry
From 2004 to 2008, Pfizer made sales of $245 billion. At the same time, Eli Lilly made $36 billion from just one drug (Zyprexa).  Seven billion in fines across many pharmaceutical companies doesn’t dent their profits enough to stop them killing; the MHRA is their UK accomplice.

The MHRA doesn’t try to help us
If the MHRA was even slightly doing their job, they would be trying to protect us by commenting on the herbicide Atrazine, which disrupts our hormones, causes birth defects, gives us breast and prostate cancer. Or condemning the damage done by Monsanto’s Roundup glyphosate weedkiller. Nine million tons of it are in our fields, our foods, our water supply and in 90% of humans. It causes over 30 diseases from autism to cancer.  But they are big corporations, whose profits the MHRA protects.

Meanwhile the MHRA are happy to side with those who ban safe things that work for us like melatonin, a natural hormone, or Gaba, which quietens our neurotransmitters, both of which help us sleep. They are trying to shut down the Russian scenar in the UK, – developed by their space program to treat astronauts; – it talks, electronically, to the frequencies of our body, and is superb at healing a host of medical conditions, including muscular and wound healing issues without side effects. They have banned b=vitamin B 17, cannabis and GcMAF, a safe natural human protein that is the best known treatment for cancer. Sajid Javid, the Home secretary, had to by-pass the MHRA to get cannabis licensed.

Pointless and costly treatments
licensed by the EMA and therefore approved by the MHRA are bleeding the British government of funds.

Kings Colllege and the London School of Economics in a BMJ study say 57% of cancer drugs approved by the EMA do little or nothing to improve lives of patients. Huseyin Naci of the LSE says drug firms are giving patients false hope. The average improvement is just 2.7 months.

Novartis Afinitor Everolimus: £18,203 for 5.5 months: No survival of quality of life data. Stops cancer spreading for 4 months.

Pfizer Bosulif Bostinib £45,000 a year. For Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. No evidence it extends life.

Amgen Vectibix £54,000 a year. Made routinely available by NICE may improve survival by 10 months.

Roche Avastin Bevacizumab £42,000 a year Improves survival by 3 months. But it increases chances of death by 50%.

Ben Spencer, Medical correspondent The Daily Mail, 5th October 2017

If  GcMAF was made availabe by the government for £1,200 a year, it would extend life by an average of 10 years.

Big Pharma has a lobby spend of $42 Billion just to bribe doctors ($61,000 per doctor) in the US. With that kind of money, its not surprising the have been able to finance laws thoughout the Western world to create a monoply for themselves. Since 1991 big pharma has paid $30 Billion in fines just for Medicare fraud in the USA.

Johnson and Johnson were sued by 22 people who got ovarian cancer from the asbestos in their talcum powder. Johnson and Johnson knew the asbestos was there. Six of the plaintiffs have already died. In July 2018 Johnson and Johnson were ordered to pay them $4.7 Billion. They will appeal.

In August 2018 Monsanto were ordered to pay $289 million to Dewayne Johnson who caught non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer from their Roundup weedkiller containing Glyphosate. He is expected to die within months. Three legal firms were involved; Robert F Kennedy was on staff. There are 4,000 cases to follow.

In Bayer/Monsanto’s latest case they had to pay $2 Billion damages to Alva and Alberta Pilliod who got non Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer from Glyphosate. There are only 13,400 cases to go.

At least in the US, and at least legally, it seems we are making inroads on big pharma, who are killing us.

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  1. I am a natural health prac in us and have had a friend arrested and murdered in jail 2 yrs ago. Unless we organize they will continue to pick us off. Just trying to get friends and family to believe is so hard!

  2. Do you know if the drugs that are used to treat new hep c treatment,could end up doing you more damage. I have to start this treatment tomorrow help j

  3. You missed out SALT or “Saline Solns” that every hospital “inmate” is plugged into when they enter any hospital (to run up a bill). It caused my fathers kidney and liver function to decline by 95% because he had been left on it for far too long and it should have been alternated with a Potassium drip. This is a common way that hospitals euthanase the old (in the UK if you’re over 75 years then no obligation to keep you alive). I discovered this common method of killing the old when I googled my father’s symptoms! His “consultant” told me he was dying and had only 4 days left to live after a major stroke. What he didn’t admit to was that he was killing my father! My father was in a full coma and hadn’t been fed for 10days, so he was also being starved to death! Due to my daily care he survived a further three months!

    • Dear Clive
      I am so sorry to hear your post – my father was also killed and drowned with saline – it was a abusive end. My mother so brutally treated she is now in full blown dementia. The Consultant said with my father there is no point in treating him he will only be back in here again. I tried for 2 months to force an autopsy as I knew he had been drugged to die. My father was 10 years genetically younger was playing tennis at 90 a sportsman and a fighter of mind over matter but he didn’t have a chance and 2 years before they held me in a room until I was forced to sign a paper to say they could put a pacemaker in – it was a total disaster – the list goes on and on. I have been threatened, I had my father held in hospital for 9 days whilst the tried to make me sign a contract I would not use herbs as a medical herbalist when both parents had been on herbs for over 18 years. But what do we do we create the new and we join together on mass to do it. Holistic healing centers where elderly and carers can come together, not stick your parent in a residential home and you have some rest, from the helpful Social Services, to keep up the program! New training schools for integrative health doctors 3 years only. Create a new system. Stop fighting the old. Create the centers and bring people together. Soon the old pharmaceutical rich boy will fall away, far far far away, or you never know he may transform and become an ambassador of natural health! xx

  4. Why are we allowing our loved ones to be poisoned and murdered by these insane psychopaths? WE DON’T CARE! Jeremy Hunt and all of these monsters should be physically dragged out of their offices and executed! Are there any good, brave men out there with a backbone? Enough is enough!

  5. Please add the so called fluoroquinolone ‘antibiotics’ to this list . ( Ciprofloxacin, Levaquin ( Levafloxacin ) Avelox etc to this list. These so called ‘antibiotics’ are actually failed chemo drugs masquerading as such, over the last 30 years they have devastated & to date, continue to devastate the lives of countless numbers of people in the UK & worldwide.
    The Fluoroquinolone ‘antibiotics’ are Topoisomerase inhibitors , ( please look this up ) you will find that every other drug described as such is chemotherapy.
    The fluoroquinolone ‘antibiotics’ cause DNA / mitochondrial damage.
    Please google Fluoroquinolone toxicity, or fluoroquinolone associated disability ( FQAD ) for more information on this .
    you will enter a parallel universe beyond your worst nightmares .

  6. Please add Cervarix and Gardasil to your list. They are causing deaths and serious disability in thousands of girls.


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