Legal abuse

The MHRA routinely abuses the legal system.

The MHRA have 1,200 staff. Some of these are trained to become expert in abusing the courts. They’ll commit fraudulent representation and perjury to the courts to close down a small company with new scientific discoveries. But they are particularly fond of abusing the compliance mafia first.

Bank CEO’s are no longer CEO’s. They take orders from shadowy and unnamed compliance staff, who override them. Compliance staff accept rumours from dubious sources like the MHRA, and close customers bank accounts without courts, judges or justice on the basis of whispers, or often, lies told to them.

They don’t just close the company’s bank accounts. They close the directors’ bank accounts too. Some find they can’t even buy groceries. Its a determined, destructive vendetta.

They don’t even notify you your account is closed. The first thing you find is your credit cards don’t don’t work. You usually get no paperwork, so you don’t know who to approach to get it reversed.

And there is no known legal process to reverse this. Lawyers have no idea where to begin.

And with all your bank accounts closed, you can’t finance a lawsuit anyway. That’s deliberate – the MHRA is determined you will never bring them to justice.

You are guilty first, and never have a chance to prove you are innocent.

So the compliance mafia is breaking both the law and the written British Constitution. They make excellent bedfellows for the equally criminal MHRA.

Compliance was invented by the Germans in the 1939-45 war to control business corporations in the nations they invaded. Now the EU has enforced compliance on the UK. The government can now control companies at whim.

Compliance is expensive – if you trade overseas compliance dictates you must surely be “money laundering” or “earning from criminal sources” and they tell your bank they must have a compliance officer dedicated to you. If you’re a small company, they can’t afford that, so your bank account is closed. Increasingly only the big corporations can now trade overseas – its a huge loss of international trade caused by the compliance mafia.

Restraint Order
The MHRA will probably back the compliance up by getting a “Restraint Order” in the courts. They will commit perjury in their witness statement to the court if necessary to ensure they get it. At no time is the victim ever informed what is going on behind their back.

The MHRA can then sit back for months and not serve the restraint order. Why should they? The companies bank accounts are already shut. If or when it is served in theory the victim directors and company can then contest it. But unbelievably, firms of lawyers and solicitors are not allowed, by law, to accept payment of their fees from the victims. This effectively means you have no way to defend yourself.

Compliance and Restraint Orders are illegal under the British Constitution and common law. The innocent are automatically guilty, and are denied the chance to prove they are innocent. Here again the government is acting criminally, by creating laws that break the law.


2 thoughts on “Legal abuse”

  1. Supplement designer suffering from legal abuse here, MHRA have shut down two of my products which are perfectly within the law to sell online, sleeping aids.
    Anyone know who I can speak to who ISN’T the MHRA for advice?
    I don’t want to pop up on their radar again in fear of losing all my livelihood.

  2. Staff at the MHRA do not have the appropriate experience, knowledge or qualifications that would allow them to implement compliance. This is clear to any industry professional who has had any communications with the MHRA.


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