Paul Flynn MP:

The World’s Most Expensive Drugs $100,000 a year is nothing:

At $50,000 a round – Chemo Kills

Dangerous licensed drugs:

Pharma kills more than the US Army: Pharma overtakes arms industry to top the league of misbehaviour

Chemo fails: and its a $200 billion industry

Examination of horrors committed by GSK, including links to Panorama:

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    • The government doesn’t shred petitions. God did allow 55 million to be killed in World War Two, so I think we have to do something to stop the MHRA getting to bigger numbers.

  1. They declare poisons to be harmless and the cures to be poisons. If they left it at that it would be bad enough, but they further presume to forcibly impose their sham expertise on the rest of us. To hell with them all.

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