Parliament Guilty

Parliament fails to monitor the MHRA, who kill 200,000 per year.

Parliament does not demand accountability or oversight from the MHRA. As a result, it has the worst conflict of interest: it is controlled by the big pharmaceutical corporations and has big pharma directors.

It was cracked to protect the British from big pharma and their drugs: Parliament has allowed it instead to protect their profits, in the hundreds of billions of pounds at the expense of British lives.

Parliament provided for the MHRA’s control to come from big pharma guaranteeing big pharmaceutical income.

Parliament has failed to arrange an appeal or ombudsman against MHRA’s decisions creating a dictatorship in medicines.

Parliament has failed to notice that the MHRA blocks, natural save effective treatments such as Apricot kernels, Zara’s tea, CBD oil and GcMAF, all of which has been banned. It also blocks innovative new treatments from small companies.

Parliament has failed to notice the MHRA has licensed over a dozen pharmaceutical drugs instead of independent’s that kill and accept data from the manufacturers. Opioids, Avandia and Vioxx have killed 450,000 people in the USA. Unlike the USA’s FDA, the MHRA does not reward the number of people it kills, so we don’t have figures for the UK. estimates it at 200,000 deaths a year from the MHRA.

Parliament does not listen to the 20 MPs who state the MHRA is corrupt or unfit but does listen to those controlled by big some pharmaceutical corporations.

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP misled Parliament on 9 December 2014 (Hansard) who she rubbished the sources of one of the 150 peer-reviewed scientific research papers of GcMAF. The sources are 5 of Japan’s top cancer research institutes, including the atomic bomb Institute of biomedical sciences of Nagasaki University ( It shows a picture on page 4 of liver cancers shrunken 90% in three weeks by GcMAF. Parliament did not check her dishonesty, even though she states in her register of interests she receives money from Flow Ideas Ltd, owned by Henry Angstrom of Dupont Chemicals. Wollaston is big pharma and Parliament did not notice it was being misled.

Sir Desmond Swayne MP wrote to the secretary for Health, Matt Hancock, asking if the NHS was missing out on GcMAF, enclosing three research papers and warning Hancock not to involve the MHRA in its reply. Hancock replied with the MHRA standard phrases on GcMAF, and the research papers were not read. As always Parliament made the MHRA judge and jury in their own case.

Parliament and the MHRA missed the discovery of GcMAF in human body in the 1980s. Peer-reviewed scientific research papers reported its superb effects on cancer in the 1990s. In 2003 the American Natural library of Medicine republished a paper, 1265 9668, which found GcMAF has 6 attacks on cancer more than any other molecule.

Paper 2097 6141 recorded another three attacks and Immnuo Biotech at the University of Florence, published peer-reviewed joint scientific papers taking the total to 14.

GcMAF is 1% the cost of the poison of chemotherapy, 40 times as effective and has no side effects. Parliament has abandoned the future of health to the MHRA, which deliberately conceals new treatments to protect the profits of the big pharmaceutical corporations its board represents.

Parliament encourages medical corruption.

Immuno Biotech Ltd knew it would not get a licence for GcMAF from the MHRA because it would wipe out the $200 billion income from the poison of chemotherapy so, to publish the effects of GcMAF, and write scientific research papers on its superb effects in patients, they had no option but to go ahead without one.

Lord Maurice Saatchi medical innovation act, signed into law by the Queen on 26 March 2016, should have helped, but Parliament has failed to notice that act has been buried by the big pharmaceutical corporations. Parliament does not even realise when it’s will is thwarted by the medicines industry.

Immuno Biotech and its four scientists wrote 33 GcMAF scientific research papers, peer-reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals (e.g. 2498 2371, 2567 5551, where GcMAF turned off the HER2 oncogene, a world first). Their doctors save the lives of 75% of those with terminal stage IV cancer in their clinics.

Without the courts, the MHRA closed Immuno Biotech’s bank accounts, closed the company, terminated the scientists and doctors, 27 staff fired, raided them 14 times and locked the CEO, David Noakes, and a scientist in Wandsworth prison.

So the MHRA, without Parliament taking any interest, has buried GcMAF again for another 25 years?

GcMAF is the cancer cure the world has been waiting for, and Parliament has allowed the MHRA to conceal it.

If you have a relative who has died from cancer over the last 15 years, if they were treated by the NHS, you can sue the NHS for their death.

200,000 deaths from cancer could be prevented if Parliament was doing its job and monitoring the MHRA.

The MHRA uses the courts, the CPS, the police and the prison service in its campaign against the British, and Parliament is responsible for causing 200,000 unnecessary deaths a year as a result.

When they took Immuno Biotech to court after imposing 33 persecutions, the MHRA denied them a jury with a strict liability charge. Then the MHRA contacted OCLAESP, opposite numbers in frame, also funded by big pharmaceuticals, who have raised nine false charges against them as a European arrest warrant, you can spend two years with four months in a French jail, the worst in Europe (15 months to see a doctor) before your case starts. They want a sentence of 10 years. David Noakes is 66, and has eight new illnesses from trauma from the 33 persecutions, and will not last one year.