Parliament Guilty

Priti Patel, The Home Secretary
Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF
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Dear Priti Patel,

Parliament concealed the cancer cure; two million now dead: they gave control of medicines to the pharmaceuticals
Parliament missed the discovery of GcMAF, in the 1980’s, the safe natural human cancer cure the world has been waiting for. Two million British people have died unnecessarily in the last 25 years  because of Parliament’s incompetence. Even with over 1,000 GcMAF scientific research papers now on Google Scholar, and 9,000 patients successfuly treated, Parliament is still in complete ignorance.

Parliament cynically delegated drafting of the medicines laws to  big pharma and the MHRA in 1978, then failed to monitor them. Big Phamaceuticals have a turnover of $1.3 trillion, make money out of sickness, conceal natural cures as a threat to big pharma profits, and kill an estimated 200,000 British per year as a result, with Parliament’s connivance.  Not many can believe big pharma delight in making money out of the ghastly poison of chemotherpy, and watch people die horrible deaths as a result, just to make the £40,000 a round they charge.

They care not one jot for human life, and Parliament back them to the hilt. Big Pharma have written the medicines laws to exclude competition, and exclude new treatments, like GcMAF, destroy them, destroy the companies producing them, and send the directors to jail. Since 1972 75% of our laws have been the EU’s; the EU dictatorship includes 200,000 dying unnecesarily every year.

Under common Law you have to show harm or damage; oherwise you can’t be prosecuted: GcMAF only does good. The Medicines Laws are EU law; just a regulatory infringement and you can be prosecuted. Chemotherapy kills scores of thousands every year; but they don’t prosecute themselves.

The MHRA was created by Parliament to protect the British from big pharma and their drugs: Parliament has allowed it instead to become utterly corrupted to protect their profits, in the hundreds of Billions of pounds, at the expense of British lives.

Parliament provided for the MHRA’s control to come from Big Pharma by arranging for its income to come from them. Then all they had to do was to control the board, and it became a captured agency. Parliament has no idea what was being done in its name.

Parliament does not demand accountability or oversight from the MHRA, the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency. As a result, it has the worst conflict of interest: it is controlled by the big pharmaceutical corporations and has big pharma directors. Directors Gerald Heddell and Ian Hudson were both from Glaxo Smith Kline, GSK. New innovations in medicine live in a climate of fear of the MHRA.

The MHRA licenses drugs that kill, and bans safe natural treatments, which are not profitable for the big pharmaceutical corporations.

The MHRA’s dictatorship in health, organised by Parliament.
Parliament has failed to arrange an appeal or ombudsman against MHRA’s decisions, creating a dictatorship in medicines.

Parliament has failed to notice that the MHRA blocks natural safe effective treatments such as Apricot kernels, Zara’combretastatin, CBD oil and GcMAF, all of which it has banned. It also blocks innovative new treatments from small companies.

Parliament has failed to notice the MHRA has licensed over a dozen pharmaceutical drugs that kill, and it accepts trials and data from the manufacturers. Opioids, GSK’s Avandia and Vioxx have killed 450,000 people in the USA. Unlike the USA’s FDA, the MHRA does not record the number of people it kills, so we don’t have figures for the UK. estimates it at 200,000 deaths a year from the MHRA.

Parliament does not listen to the 20 MPs who state the MHRA is corrupt or unfit, but does listen to those controlled by big some pharmaceutical corporations. (see, front page.)

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP misled Parliament on 9 December 2014 (Hansard) when she rubbished the sources of one of the 150 peer-reviewed scientific research papers on GcMAF. The sources are 5 of Japan’s top cancer research institutes, including the Atomic Bomb Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Nagasaki University ( It shows a picture on page 4 of liver cancers shrunk 90% in three weeks by GcMAF. Parliament did not check her dishonesty, even though she states in her register of interests she receives money from Flow Ideas Ltd, connected to Henry Angst of Dupont Chemicals. Half a million people have died unnecessarily since Wollaston lied; she is obviously big pharma and Parliament did not even notice it was being misled.

Dr Sarah Barber, Science & Environment Section, House of Commons, Parliaments library,  just regurgitates the lies from the MHRA and Cancer Research uk.  They have never read a GcMAF research paper, talked to a GcMAF patient or doctor, or spoken to a GcMAF scientist. [email protected]

Sir Desmond Swayne MP kindly wrote to the secretary for Health, Matt Hancock, asking if the NHS was missing out on GcMAF, enclosing three research papers and warning Hancock not to involve the MHRA in its reply. Hancock replied with the MHRA standard phrases on GcMAF, and the research papers were not read. As always, Parliament made the MHRA judge and jury in their own case.

To Parliament’s eternal disgrace, it has left the 1939 Cancer Act on the statute book. This makes it illegal to discuss the fact that cancer can be cured; the police get involved arresting benevolent scientists and doctors every year. This Act is a public British disgrace, and should be repealed.

Parliament conceals GcMAF
Parliament and the predecessors of the MHRA concealed the discovery of GcMAF in human body in the 1980s. Peer-reviewed scientific research papers reported its superb effects on cancer in the 1990s. In 2003 the American Natural library of Medicine republished a paper, 1265 9668, by seven research institutes in five nations, which found GcMAF has 6 attacks on cancer, more than any other molecule.

Paper 2097 6141 recorded another three attacks, and Immno Biotech Ltd and the University of Florence, published peer-reviewed joint scientific papers taking the total beneficial attacks on cancer and pathogens to 14.

GcMAF is 1% the cost of the poison of chemotherapy, 40 times as effective and has no side effects. Parliament has abandoned the future of health to the MHRA, which deliberately conceals new treatments to protect the profits of the big pharmaceutical corporations its board represents.

Parliament encourages corruption by the MHRA.
Immuno Biotech Ltd knew it would not get a licence for GcMAF from the corrupt MHRA because it would wipe out the $200 billion income from the poison of chemotherapy so, to publish the success of GcMAF, save lives, and write scientific research papers on its superb effects in patients, they had no option but to go ahead without one.

Given GSK killed 83,000 patients with Avandia, and were let off scott free by the MHRA, Immuno Biotech, who never killed anyone and had 9,000 fabulous results, didn’t excpect to be prosecuted. How wrong they were.

Lord Maurice Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Act, signed into law by the Queen on 26 March 2016, should have helped, but Parliament has failed to notice that act has been buried by the big pharmaceutical corporations. Parliament is too incompetent to realise when it’s will is thwarted by the medicines industry.

Immuno Biotech and its four scientists wrote 33 GcMAF scientific research papers, peer-reviewed and published in the world’s top scientific journals (e.g. 2498 2371, 2567 5551, where GcMAF turned off the HER2 oncogene in a patient, a world first). Their doctors saved the lives of 75% of those with terminal stage IV cancer in their clinics, and treated 11,500 patients in total.

GcMAF is the cancer cure the world has been waiting for, and Parliament has allowed the MHRA to conceal it.

If you have a relative who has died from cancer over the last 15 years, if they were treated by the NHS, you can sue the NHS or the DHSS for their death.

120,000 deaths from cancer could be prevented every year with GcMAF if Parliament was doing its job and monitoring the MHRA.

“We strongly advise people not to use unlicensed products such as GcMAF, which may pose a significant risk to health,” said the MHRA’s Head of Enforcement, Alastair Jeffrey. There has never been a GcMAF related death. So would it not be more risky to take products licensed by the MHRA, as  MHRA drugs kill scores of thousands of British people every year?”

Parliament empowers the MHRA to prosecute, to abuse human rights, the courts, the CPS, the police and the prison service
Without the courts, the MHRA closed Immuno Biotech’s bank accounts, closed the company, terminated the scientists and doctors, 27 staff fired, raided them 14 times, and later committed perjury on Proceeds of Crime to Canterbury Crown Court. The staff had to watch 200 patients who were recovering from terminal cancer, then die of it, when the MHRA banned Immuno Biotech’s GcMAF.  That is pure murder by the MHRA, organised by Parliament. The trauma inflicted by the MHRA on the 9 IBL staff over 4 years has given three breakdowns.

Parliament allows the MHRA to abuse the courts, the CPS, the police and the prison service in its campaign against British patients, and Parliament is responsible for causing 200,000 unnecessary deaths a year as a result.

The MHRA used the Medicines Laws (one of 3,000 EU laws on our statute books) and EU’s Proceeds of Crime Act on Immuno Biotech: all they possess is deemed to be criminal, and taken from them. When they took Immuno Biotech to court after imposing 33 persecutions, the MHRA denied them a jury with a strict liability charge. and then locked the CEO, David Noakes, and a scientist in Wandsworth prison. Another member of staff, whose had his house for 15 years, is having it stolen by the court under Proceeds of Crime.  Yet he owned it long before he ever heard of GcMAF. The MHRA is prosecuting 9 Immuno Biotech staff; that’s the punishment for saving lives in corrupt Britain.

In prison you meet innocent prisoners who were arrested because they had money or property; they then arrest the wife as well and say they will not imprison her if the husband pleads guilty to an offence for which he is innocent. The courts then lock him up for 4-7 years, and take away everything he possesses under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003, where the courts, police and prosecutors share upwards of 50% of the proceeds. No bank account, no property, or your freedom, is safe. Corruption is now built into the law. Welcome to the EU dictatorship. All Remainers should be forced to spend 6 months in Wandsworth prison before they are allowed to vote.

Then the MHRA contacted the more corrupt OCLAESP, opposite numbers in France, also funded by big pharmaceuticals, who have raised nine false charges against Immuno Biotech as a European Arrest Warrant, (EAW). French prisons are the worst in Europe, often 6 to a cell, (15 months to see a doctor) and Judge Gadald wants them in prison for 2 years before their case starts. OCLAESP want a sentence of 10 years.

David Noakes is 66, and has eight new illnesses from MHRA trauma from the 33 persecutions, and will not last one year. Lynda Thyer, a research scientist, is, as the MHRA admitted, completely innocent of all charges but the French still want her for 10 years. They copied her charges from David Noakes’, even including his case number in the photocopy. They have no evidence because she is innocent. Immuno Biuotech have thousands of pages of evidence on their side. No evidence is supposed to be a bar to extradition, but corrupt British Judges just send them anyway.  Your innocence has no effect on the EAW,  the MHRA and their judges are very cruel.

Lyn can’t believe the cruelty of Judge Crane and Justice Supperstone, corrupt judges who should have been forcibly retired a decade ago. The day after she buried her Dad, the evil Judge Supperstone said she was being extradited to France on  the 22nd May. Supperstone refused to consider she is now her Mum’s only carer. See:

They condemn an innocent Englishwoman to be extradited to the even more corrupt Judge Gadaud, who used the EAW Terrrorism laws on them by connecting 2 unrelated companies, Duurzaam and Cytoinnovations, and calling it a conspiracy.  So Lynda Thyer and David Noakes are classified as terrorists in France. He used 13 police, 4 armed with machine guns, to arrest them; but they were rarely there; they got the peaceable David Halsall.

He bankrupted Cytoinnovation’s Lesley Hutchings, who had a legal GcMAF creams company, seized her house, car and bank account, just like Immuno Biotech, without the intervention of the courts. French Judge Gadaud is a serial abuser of the truth, people, legal processes and human rights, he’s big pharma, and has a track record of destroying people in prison for 2 years 4 months before their case comes up.

He then prosecutes any left alive, who are so debilitated they can’t defend themselves. British Injustice just hands victims over for abuse under the EAW; the British government doesn’t care a damn about you. Parliament has no idea of the cruelty and injustice they are controlling.

Lynda Thyer, an innocent biomedical scientist, is now in a French Prison, Fleury Merogis, South Paris, the largest prison in the EU; prison number 456700. 9 Avenue des Peupliers, Saint Genevive de Bois, 91705 France.

So has the MHRA, without Parliament taking any interest, as always,  buried GcMAF again for another 25 years?

By slovenly allowing big pharma to write the medicines laws, by slovenly allowing the MHRA to become corrupt, and slovenly leaving them to review research papers (which they don’t do at all), and slovenly giving them power to prosecute treatments that work, Parliament is responsible for 2 million unnecessary cancer deaths over the last 25 years. If you are a relative, yes, you should sue.

We are looking at a class action law suit, form N2/N208  in the UK, on behalf of the 2 million families of those murdered by the government and the MHRA. Please contact us if you are one of those families. We will be suing the officers personally.

We need the corrupt MHRA abolished, its officers prosecuted, and GcMAF put in the NHS, to save 120,000 lives a year.

In David Noakes’s own words: The attempts to extradite us are illegal.
The MHRA illegally prosecuted me twice by asking the French to prepare another case for the same “crime” – even though Lyn and I did nothing in France. And double jeopardy is illegal under both the Lisbon Treaty and Article 50 of the ECFR. Our judges don’t obey the law.

The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) itself is illegal – French Judge Jean-Luc Gadaud committed fraud, lied under oath and committed perjury to get the EAW issued. It was invalid, but our CPS and courts, which are organised crime cartels, were determined to accept it and disregard the corruption. Our judges don’t obey the law.

Judge Gadaud photocopied the nine false charges he created for me to Lyn. I was the CEO, she managed patients. Our roles couldn’t have been more dissimilar. That’s fraud.

We did nothing in France. Gadaud invented 9 false charges out of his imagination. That is false witness, which attracts a five year sentence for him under the French penal code.

Gadded committed perjury by stating Lyn had €11 million in her bank account, suggesting money laundering to successfully get the EAW issued. Two years later Judge Supperstone in England said the correct figure was €11 thousand. But he illegally did not strike the EAW out, as he is legally compelled to.  Our judges don’t obey the law.

Clearly the pharmaceutical corporations, the CPS, French and English courts are acting as organised crime cartels to suppress GcMAF and protect the super profits of chemotherapy. English and French judges don’t obey the law.

There have to be massive bribes involved to get judges and the Crown Prosecution Service to act this dishonestly and risk prison sentences for themselves.

The CPS, which used to protect the man on the street, now protects government and massive corporations, as Mussolini predicted. The CPS would rather prosecute the innocent; about 10% of prisoners are innocent and should not be in jail as a result.

In my case to Westminster Magistrates court, Britain’s extradition court, I also pointed out that under Magna Carta s38 (Justices Laws and Crane confirmed it is all with us permanently in 2002) you cannot be arrested without evidence. The EAW specifically says there doesn’t have to be evidence (and, unsurprisingly, Gadaud has none). All EAW’s are therefore illegal under British law. But our judges don’t obey the law.

Under the ECHR prosecutors have to be supervised by an independent judge. In France that is not the case. The prosecutor (Gadaud) is also the judge. That allows unbridled corruption, and Gadaud may be the worst example of this abuse. So the EAW is illegal in England for a fourth time. But our judges don’t obey the law.

Judge Tempia said she hadn’t written the verdict – it had been handed to her. That’s illegal – the judge who hears the case must write the verdict. Just like Lyn, it was that I should be extradited. But our judges don’t obey the law.

The verdict was a copy of the CPS case; even including the lie there is no scientific evidence for GcMAF (there are 1,180 GcMAF papers on Google Scholar alone.)

I am also under an English sentence, so can’t go to France until its over in July. But our judges don’t obey the law.

Not many understand that our British courts are organised crime cartels. They break the law with impunity to go with the agenda of the most senior freemason.

Through John Smith I appealed to the High Court in the Strand. They illegally flatly refused to hear my appeal. Our judges don’t obey the law.

I have 28 days to appeal to the Supreme Court in Parliament Square. But the police turned up illegally to extradite me regardless. The police don’t obey the law.

I put the appeal in the same day and copied the police. The police illegally refuse to accept it.

Through Edward Ellis I have another case suing Ministers we wrote to from Boris Johnson down for condoning and concealing the corruption in the courts. I can’t be extradited until they hear that. But our judges don’t obey the law.

We are also part of the national court corruption case run by the Equity Monarchy Trust; and as witness to it cannot be extradited. But our judges don’t obey the law. Judges are being sue for running protection rackets for the pharmaceutical corporations: ie. accepting bribes.

Another case is going in on the 30th December in Westminster Court That case states they have no jurisdiction over living people because all our courts have been Admiralty courts since 1666. (www.mhracorrupt/commonlaw). That is usually successful, but the freemasons and satanists are ruthlessly determined in my case. Our judges don’t obey the law.

Our real law is Common Law. A properly convened Common Law Court with a jury of 12 said Lynda and I were to be freed, our company restored to us to enable us to produce GcMAF again. The Admiralty courts and the masonic police illegally refuse to recognise it. Our judges don’t obey the law.

There is no law in Britain. Our illegal Admiralty courts do not obey the law.

They plan to put Lyn and myself away for 12 years in France for a crime we did not commit. French prisons are the worst in Europe; at our age you don’t last a year; its a death sentence. Lyn nearly died before she was released for 8 days in December.

The innocent Lynda Thyer has been in a French prison 9 months now. (As of April 2020)

If we can get any of these cases heard, it will release Lyn too. But the courts know to win, they will have to break the law again, so try to avoid hearing them.

What can you do?

Email your local newspaper, perhaps:

Dear Editor,
Have you heard about GcMAF, the successful treatment for cancer? 1,100 GcMAF scientific research papers are now on Google Scholar. 9,000 people have been successfully treated. On the US National Library of Medicine, there are now 70 GcMAF papers, peer reviewed for a second time. shows liver tumours shrunk 90% in three weeks by GcMAF (Page 4). One shows GcMAF successfully switching off the HER2 oncogene, a world wide first. See patient Teri Davis Newman’s story on Youtube, she recovered from an incurable ovarian cancer. We need to get GcMAF in the NHS, where it can save 120,000 lives a year.

Your sincerely,
Name, address, phone.

Write to your MP, copy this article “Parliament Guilty” from www.mhracorrupt, heading: “Parliament concealed the cancer cure. 2 million now dead.”
Find your MP: An email and a physical letter would be good.

Replace Priti Patel with your MP’s name and address. Sign it with your Name, address, phone. A letter to Priti Patel as well would be good.

OR, please send this letter to your MP

Click on the 8 digit numbers  for the three research papers. Load them down first, and then attach them to the email.

Dear MP,

GcMAF will save 120,000 lives a year if put in the NHS. There are 300 scientists who have written 150 peer reviewed scientific research papers on it, half have made it onto the American National Library of Medicine, or Pubmed. There are over 1,000 GcMAF papers on Google Scholar.

9,000 people were successfully treated by Immuno Biotech Ltd, a British company. They were saving 75% of terminal stage 4’s in their clinics.   350 doctors were using it. Cures were doubling every couple of months until the MHRA, with big pharma directors on its board, used the medicines laws (illegally) to close it down.

Parliament allowed Big pharmaceutical corporations to write the medicines laws, and they wrote them so they could crucify any new company or treatment. All producers of innovative products are scared stiff of them. The MHRA is suppressing cures every month. The MHRA closed Immuno Biotech Ltd down, prosecuted 9 staff under the medicines laws, and was asking for a 26 year sentence for the CEO. That is what its like in medical innovations – its a climate of fear, all done with the backing of Parliament.

GcMAF is a safe natural human protein with no side effects, its one percent the cost of chemotherapy, and 40 times as effective. Thats why the MHRA is determined to destroy it, to protect the $200 Billion chemotherapy income. There has never been a GcMAF death, but drugs that the MHRA license kill scores of thousands every year. Opioids, Avandia and Vioxx killed 450,000.

The MHRA has control of all the media; from Matt Hancock to the Commons library right through Parliament, they all regurgitate the MHRA line. No one ever reads a GcMAF research paper, speaks to a patient, or to a GcMAF doctor. Attached are just three of 150 GcMAF research papers in Pubmed:

12659668 The Journal Neoplasia, 2003  By seven cancer research institutes from three nations.
It lists six attacks of GcMAF on cancer, more than any other molecule.

20855083 Journal of Surgical Research 2010 by five of Japan’s top cancer research institutes, including the prestigious Atomic Bomb Biomedical Institute of Nagasaki University
GcMAF reduces liver cancer tumours by 90% in three weeks; picture on page 4; antiangiogenetic activity (cancer tumours cannot grow above 1 mm) and it kills cancer with apoptosis.

24982371 Anticancer Research Journal 2014. University of Florence, Immuno Biotech. GcMAF reduces patients’ tumours by 25% in the first week. Similar results across 40 clinic patients.

Please go to if you want confirmation, videos and accounts of people cured, and 40 more research papers.

Please go to and see the 5 MPs who are horrified at MHRA corruption. Click Parliament Guilty, and you will see how Parliament allows the MHRA and big pharma to make $200 billion out of the ghastly poison of chemotherapy, while suppressing GcMAF.

Will you please ask for GcMAF to be put in the NHS, where it will save 120,000 lives a year, and get independents appointed to the board of the MHRA?

Yours sincerly,


Name, address, phone

We need a journalist to write the truth – anyone know anyone?
We need a documentary made!

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  1. Please post on your website salvestrols curing cancer doctors in Belfast are actually giving them out . a friend with prostate cancer was given them and as I say my partner and a friends mother was cured by them . Dr Burke you tube .

  2. Àswell as GcMaf we also have cannabis products that evidently cure cancer.
    🎥 Raphael Mechoulam – Israeli chemist
    Watch this it speaks for itself,my nephew 12 died of neurovirus after as a family we asked ourselfs legally dead or illegally alive,we choose illegally alive,who wouldn’t,on paper my nephew is the fastest cured kid with leukemia in the UK,within 6 weeks he was in remission thanks to Rick Simpson oil.the response we got from the oncology department in great Ormond Street children’s hospital,they put my nephew in isolation and gave him a adult dosage of chemotherapy and another bone marrow transplant,despite being in remission and that was what killed him,I believe the authorities knew we was in contact with bud buddies online and also with phoenix tears and in contact with other patients from around the world,getting advice.another example is Isla caton a young kid who had neuro blastoma the hospital gave up on little Isla and the football community West Ham and Millwall got together and raised the money for treatment in Spain,she has made a full recovery.
    Isla Caton, 5, free of aggressive childhood cancer after being …
    Miracle girl, 4, beats cancer after West Ham fans fund … – The Sun
    how do we come together and beat these devil people the MHRA.the can’t keep insulting the intelligence of the public in the UK…

    • Cannnabis as a medicine cures many things – we have billions of cannaboid receptors on our cells. That’s why the MHRA is against it. It is about 10% as effective as GcMAF on cancer – see for a list of effective cancer treatments.

  3. I hold the Uk government fully accountable for their complicit involvement in suppressing GcMAF from the nation by denying the NHS access to it on request by the fully corrupt MHRA. The EU are also complicit in the largest cover up EVER exposed. I will be contacting the national press and my mp Amber Rudd

  4. This really doesn’t surprise me, I’ve known about the Big Pharma dirty tricks for quite some time, why would they want to find a cheap and effective cure. When they are lining their deep pockets and greasing the palms of politicians, judges, police etc. They are not to be trusted, my friend has two GP friends, who are totally disillusioned, they cannot recommend a treatment that is natural or they could be hauled up before the GMC.
    It is sickening but I bring it people’s attention constantly in supermarkets, on buses, on trains etc etc, and will co tinge to do so.

  5. I have terminal cancer and don’t want to die yet you hold my magic cure in your hand saying, NO YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BECAUSE WE WONT MAKE MUCH MONEY. 😡😡😡😡😡SHAME ON YOU ALL, you are all MURDERERS 😡😡😡😡😡


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