Zara’s Tea

Zara’s Herbal Tea, by Dounne Alexander MBE FRSA, is based on the African Bush Willow tree bark (Combretastatin.)

It was approved after 14 years in 2008 by the Public Health Minister for use in hospitals & hospices. It costs £700 to £1300 per patient (for one year’s supply, versus £40,000 for chemotherapy); which extended life for many years. It was banned by UK Regulator MHRA (‘Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’), enforcing the 1939 CANCER ACT and EU FOOD SUPPLEMENTS DIRECTIVE.

Dounne then conducted further research into the Cancer Act & EU Regulations which proved they not only violate our Human Rights, but that her tea was also banned unlawfully. The MHRA’s classification officer was in-experienced, insufficiently qualified and lacked the necessary expertise to either assess or determine it as ‘a medicine’; which Dounne argued was ‘a Traditional Herbal Tea’ that people brew, make & drink in their own homes.

However, by classifying it ‘a medicine’ means it would need to undergo ‘scientific clinical trials’ (by scientists equally in-experienced in traditional practices, remedies & nutrition), costing over £1million; plus ‘toxicology tests’ costing over £100,000, then purchase ‘a medical license’ which is controlled by the MHRA.

Yet, Dounne already had hundreds of tried and tested testimonial evidence proving it to be ‘safe, effective, non toxic’ and does not interact with medication. In addition, the MHRA also tried to reformulate her recipe and take control of the tea.

She later learnt of the close association between the MHRA and the Pharmaceutical Industry; with many of its employees directly linked or previously employed in key positions within the industry… showing a serious conflict of interest.

Dounne who took her case to the Queen, Prime Minister, every member of both Houses-of-Parliament; the Regional Assemblies (of Scotland, Greater London, Northern Ireland & Wales); Members of the European Parliament; UK Law Commission and the United Nations… is now seeking compensation from the Government.

Combretastatin has many reserch papers peer reviewed and published on the American National Library of Nedicince. or Pubmed.

By denying it to the public, the MHRA will have killed thousands more.